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Some of the most common instruments used in African music are drums, woodwinds, bass, and guitar. Ethnic African music groove using traditional African instruments and vocals. Use of stamping tubes, the mbira, and the xylophone is also seen in African music. Full energy, wild and dynamic percussion track to supercharge your promotional videos. Traditional African instrumentation such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums.

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Royalty free African music Tribal Adventures. African ethnic cinematic background music. Mix of two grooves I played. Added distant voice effects creates a soft, relaxing atmosphere with a sense of discovery and mystery.

Royalty Free Drum Loops Samples & Sounds

Music which emerged out as the most popular music was Afrobeat and Highlife. Will work perfectly for any travel documentaries, and nature related type of video projects. Ethnic tribal music with a dark atmosphere and hypnotic rhythms.

The people of Africa are very cultural and enthusiastic about music. Great for video games trailer, fight scenes, dynamic chase, tribal war, etc.

Great for jungle and ethnic background, carnival parade, etc. Another day, another loop. The music and dance traditions are different from one part to another in Africa.

African pop track with lots of original instruments. An eclectic, fusion piece featuring African percussion and a poppy Ukulele theme.

Let me know if you use this one. You can use as playful cinematic transition. Great for jungle and safari background, Native American life and wild scenes, primitive and ancient videos, African nature movies and much more. Bright and warm, featuring light African percussion, kalimba and a bouncy groove that creates a happy and proud mood. Let me know if you liked the loop or used it in your project!

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Uplifting African instrumentation creates a carefree and inspiring ethnic melody useful for travel, documentary and world themed projects. Cool, dynamic and very vigorous percussion for any kind of your projects. Great for jungle and ethnic background, samba and carnival dance, fiesta and parade and chase, or safari. This is my own drum loop, on Nigerian African style, my own nation.

Energetic track with running drums and african mixed electronic percussion loops. Perfect for locations scenes of action in the jungle. Great for safari trailer, African traditional background, cannibals and Zulu movies, capoeira dance, native culture, wildlife nature, travel and discovery films, documentaries and more.

This song takes you straight into the heart of africa. Music in Africa depends a lot on the region and the part you are into. Some spices in the back added. Full arrangement with short vocal accents. Traditional happy upbeat African track featuring an array of ethnic instruments including bongos, African ethnic guitar and hollowood percussion.

This is an African beat with vocals and percussion. This is an African beat with vocals and percussion, great for tribal and jungle scenes, safari and wildlife projects, National Geographic's films, ethnic moods and much more. Click the link in my profile if you want to hear the full beat.

This list only shows free african loops that have the word african in the title or description. Create super dramatic video scenes with this brilliant action drums music piece. My example is producer Masterkraft, because he is an official nigerian producer. Perfect for travel videos, cartoon, games, and African romantic themes documentaries. This is cinematic energetic drums and percussions, full of intensity and rhythm.

African continent has given a warm welcome to the music in its heart. African uplifting rhythmic track featuring tribal ethnic drums and flute. African flute, tribal drums and continuous African percussion create a traditional adventurous African track with many joyful uplifting elements. Tribal percussion drums full of savage rhythms and adrenaline action. It's a drum loop comprised of a kick, snare, john carter full movie utorrent and a bunch of Foley sounds.

So if you looking for travel nature music, The Jungle Adventure will do the job. Gentle and bright reggae track. Maracas and African wind instrumentation combine to create a peaceful flowing African melody full of atmospheric charm and vibrancy. Occasional bird like sound effects suggest wildlife surroundings hinting at discovery or paradise.

It may lead us to a sensational mood or to a comical one. The melody suggests a sense of well being and happiness, whilst creating a sense of freedom in a modern way. Energetic percussive drum ensemble with an intense beat and playful rhythms. Great for travel and journey trailer, jungle and safari background, ethnic landscapes.

The effect of music in our lives is remarkable. Great for adventure and dramatic chase scenes, speed action background, war, battle and fight mood, aggressive and adrenaline trailers and much more. Suitable for documentaries and films. The track is fairly slow, but flows nicely, making it ideal for documentary or video background projects with a wildlife or tourist style theme.

Good for travel videos on Youtube, safari-themed projects, vlog, website, documentary films. It is the second largest continent and the second most populated continent of the world. Useful background music for documentary or travel project to convey a sense of freedom or discovery.

This is his style that i like, and i remaked. Western part of Africa is the most famous part for music. Gentle African Background. Modern period in Africa include multifaceted choral singings of Southern Africa along with the dance rhythm of soukous. Perfect music for your adventure films, games, exotic travels or video about safari and nature.

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Royalty Free African Loops Samples Sounds The royalty free african loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users and are free to use in your project. Use the search box to find more free african loops and samples. The royalty free drum loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users and are free to use in your project. In mix used forest reverb and for mastering modern technology.

Some of the common music in the region is Samba, Jazz, blues, hip hop, reggae, and rock. Great for safari videos, wild jungle adventures, travel films, culture splash, exodus, tropics, islands, sunshine. African rhythms, chant, marimba theme and native voices. Tribal rhythms and vocalisms, short notes of pan flute for a full immersion in a wild and exotic environment. Would love to see links to beat.

Royalty Free Drum Loops Samples & Sounds