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Trying to steal Al's money, he met his friend for the first time, who in turn met Fatima, Minos and Aziz. Al, Jasmine and the others meanwhile distract him, and when Fashoom fires at them with his eye, Aladdin reflects it back at him with a shield, causing a part of the cave to collapse on the cyclops.

He pursues Mal and Haroud, just as they steal the eye of Fashoom and the cyclops is reawakened. The family is welcomed to Agrabah. As he investigates, Genie learns Nefir is responsible for forcing Semir to dance with magic dancing shoes.

The Sultan's shadow is taken, but Jasmine and her friends go to the shadow world, while Aladdin tricks Ayam into freeing Farabu. Chaos is a flying cat with godlike powers who thrives on the unpredictable.

Afterward, Genie and Eden think of their adventure as their big anniversary. Trouble ensues when Abis Mal sets his sights on obtaining Eden, making him her new master.

Here, they must battle the fire cats to defeat Mirage. Aladdin and Genie head to the shadow world to seek Farabu's help, only to run into the living Ayam. Genie strains to save the day, but it's Carpet who comes to the rescue by tricking the sprites into chasing him around and around the falling palace, thus slowing its progress. Things get further complicated when Agrabah hires the Riders of Ramond and Jasmine decides to accompany them during the next shipment. But Jasmine, Iago and Abu notice strange things happening i.

Only, this causes it to be sought out by both the greedy Iago and Amin Damoola for its unique ability. He is forced to prove his theory, and Abu's freedom is on the line if he can't. Now they must find a way to trick Aghoul into touching the ship, or lose Aladdin permanently. Jasmine receives a cute pet that, when frightened, grants the wish of whoever is frightening it in hopes to save itself from the danger.

Aladdin ALL Episodes Hindi Download

Now Aladdin and his friends must find the one thing that marks Agrabah worthy of the Ethereal's approval before it ends up like Atlantis. Reunited, the gang returns home, and back in the marketplace, Phasir takes off his blindfold, revealing that he is a cyclops, Fashoom's brother who betrayed him. He takes Genie captive and uses him to power a machine and create a Philosopher's Stone to increase his magical powers, as per the instructions of Khartoum, a wizard's head trapped inside a book. He defeats Tusk, but when Aladdin comes back the next day, he and Jasmine notice that the Sultan's behavior is getting more violent and unpredictable. It's up to Aladdin and Jasmine to find the box before they fall asleep and Mirage takes control of Agrabah.

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Now the two have to sneak into the palace to find Aladdin so they can get Genie to reverse the curse. Everyone praises Carpet, and Aladdin vows to let Carpet do the flying from here on out. Once Aladdin learns of this, it's up to him and the others to stop the dragon's destructiveness, and convince Zin to ward off his evil half. Both sets of episodes are listed together here. Aziz has been turned into a goblin, Minos a minotaur, and Fatima a harpy, and they are now wreaking havoc on Agrabah, how to cydia on iphone 4 for taking its wealth.

Jasmine, who feels responsible for not being able to help when she witnessed Aladdin's sudden abduction, wants to help rescue him. Mukhtar, the sole survivor of a race that once hunted genies, comes to Agrabah looking for Genie. Feeling left out, Carpet wanders off to be with Iago who shouts at the sprites that he already knows how to fly and Abu. The first season aired on the Disney Channel in early as a preview for the series.

It turns out to be a trap to catch food for the underground-dwelling, carnivorous mud creatures Al Muddi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Destiny Stone reassembles, changing Minos and Fatima back into humans, who offer Aziz a chance to be human again as well.

Aladdin and the group meet an ice ifrit named Frajhid when at the Frozen North, and bring him back to Agrabah to use his magic to bring ice and snow to excite the people of Agrabah with fun. As Genie endeavors to take care of the muddy nemesis without disturbing Aladdin, the situation becomes increasingly more complicated. However, unknown to either side, the Royal Vizier, Runta, a small and puny barbarian, is plotting to take Uncouthma out of the picture and claim the throne for himself.

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Meanwhile, Abis Mal has discovered that the helmet can freeze anyone, and takes over the palace. Two game-loving wizards exploit Genie's desire to beat Carpet in a game, but have more in mind than a friendly competition for Genie and the gang. Genie, meanwhile, assumes his friends are in danger. Mirage, amassing her own force every seven years when more El Khatib can be recruited, is the true mastermind.

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However, Iago is cursed instead when he sneaks in to the Sultan's bathroom and uses the oil. When a new suitor arrives, Prince Uncouthma of Odiferous, Jasmine pretends to be interested in him to make Aladdin angry. Aladdin finds a gift for Jasmine, a necklace which, once put on, makes her the bride for Ayam Aghoul, who quickly kicks Aladdin, Carpet, and Genie out of the palace. However, due to the interference of Aladdin's friends, both Aladdin and Mozenrath's spirits are sharing the same body. The family begins to fight over the throne, which summons the same Great Rift that destroyed Mesmaria.

After the Genie fails, Aladdin shows up and defeats Mal, breaking the helmet. To prove him wrong, she goes on the streets with Iago. After Aladdin refuses to go on any more of Iago's treasure hunts, Iago and Abu are met by a spirit who gives them a seashell meant for Aladdin which will transport them to his world. However, his plan backfires when Jasmine locks him up too, and it's up to Aladdin to remind her of who she really is.

Mal tries to claim the treasure using Genie as bait, but accidentally opens a bottle of moths instead. Genie's lamp and Abu's fez. Ayam is banished to the nether realm, and everyone's shadows return to them. Aladdin and Jasmine are soon captured, and while Mal takes Jasmine and the newly captive Genie to Fashoom's lair, Al is left in a dungeon.

Now everyone must recreate Sadira's fantasy in real life, and Aladdin must give Sadira true love's kiss before the spell can be broken. Aladdin and Jasmine have a secondary role.