Aod transmission hookup, ford aod transmission

Piston scoring calls for replacement. The interior clutch disc teeth should be free of scoring and any irregularity that would hinder clutch movement. Will the trans of your choice fit in your car? Some full-size passenger cars have a crossmember that has two sets of holes for the transmission mount. Keep it in a safe place for reassembly.

It should be replaced regardless of condition. Bellhousing Face to Trans Mount Length. When removing the tailshaft housing pay attention to the seal and bushing condition. Go with a new bushing, seal, and slip yoke.

Ford AOD Overdrive Transmission

Wiring a ford AOD tranny
Ford AOD Transmission

Wiring a ford AOD tranny

Before disassembling the linkages, take pictures and notes. Inspect the low-reverse clutch shim for abnormal wear. Examine the low-reverse clutch drum also known as the overdrive drum for excessive wear and tear.

To roughly set the cable tension for a starting point, pull the cable until it is just up against the arm at the trans and the cable is taut. Inspect the forward clutch hub for irregularities that can cause clutch friction issues. Replacement is suggested in any case. They must go back in exactly as they came out. Look for atypical wear patterns, such as shiny spots and nicks that can snag clutches.

Techtips - How to Disassemble Ford AOD Transmissions

Examine the surfaces for scoring and excessive wear. Inspect the intermediate clutches and clutch plates for abnormal wear patterns. You do not want shiny clutch steels, but instead rough surfaces for better engagement. Now, leo woman dating an at this point you can go out and drive the truck.

Also, try to get at least the transmission end of the neutral switch harness. Because there are ball check valves throughout the valve body, it must be fl at on the bench to avoid losing these critical parts. In Overdrive, all the torque is transmitted mechanically, online as in a manual transmission. That is what the small return spring I add does.

This is the low-reverse servo cover and snap ring. Each clutch pack must be carefully inspected for areas that can cause clutch frictions and steels to hang up. Most transmission professionals have indicated that fresh fluid tends to shock old seals, leading to pressure loss and failure. Any resistance or binding is cause for rejection.

Inspect the seal and bore for scoring and damage. Completely disassemble the direct clutch and output shaft package, right down to where the outputshaft joins the direct clutch. They must all be replaced. These transmissions rely on a cable to send throttle positions to the trans to raise and lower its internal pressure accordingly.

Secure Shopping Data protection enabled. If the pump proves to be stubborn, use a puller. If not, loosen the small aluminum stop and pull or release the cable to achieve the needed reading.

Automatic For The People

Whatever style you use, you want it to read easily, as that is where you need the pressure level to be. Although transmission shops often have clutch spring compressors for piston and clutch removal, you can do this at home with C-clamps. Cooling the transmission is another big thing and worth mentioning here.

The H.A.M.B

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Ford AOD Transmission

The piston and return ring are inside the low-reverse servo bore. Many suppliers offer two-piece add-on drain pan plugs. The key here is to take sharp, well-focused images and liberal notes during each phase of disassembly. Your pressure gauge should be reading between psi. Many of the original pans also have Automatic Overdrive and Metric and the Ford oval logo stamped into them.

This transmission uses a throttle valve linkage or cable assembly to regulate the shifts. Email required Email will not be published. When doing this, turn the clutch drum down, away from your face, and pop the piston toward the workbench and a soft towel to prevent damage. Then insert the adjuster between the throttle linkage and the stop.

Installing Lokar s Ford AOD Cable Kit - Hot Rod Network

The proper path to take during transmission teardown begins with draining and appropriately recycling fluid and worn parts. The manual shaft is hollow, and the throttle valve shaft is solid within the manual shaft. The low-reverse servo cover assembly is next. Once warm, set the emergency brake and then put the transmission in neutral. But count on needing one to get the pump out.

  1. Each clutch drum has an apply piston, which engages the clutches and steels.
  2. The gauge connects to the middle port on the back of the passenger side of the trans, above the pan.
  3. Make plans now to go with the wider Lincoln drum and overdrive band.
Installing Lokar s Ford AOD Cable Kit
  • The intermediate clutch pack is at the front of the case.
  • Before removing the rotating assembly, examine the inner and outer gears for unusual wear patterns and scoring.
  • Of course you want to look for pre transmissions for carbureted vehicles, to have the proper linkage necessary for those cars.
  • We recommend that the donor transmission be carefully checked before installation and the fluid and pan filter be changed.
  • Its prominent bolt pan is probably the easiest way.

Which Ford Auto Transmission Is Right For You

Besides the transmission, you want to get the torque converter, flexplate, and engine-separator plate. Measure the distance between your two top mounting bolts on the bellhousing to be sure. Any bluing in the steels is cause for rejection and further investigation to learn why they became hot. The teeth should be free of scoring that can hinder clutch movement. This in turn contaminates the fluid with friction material, cutting seals and further hindering control pressure, causing slippage and burned clutch and band frictions.

All transmission hard parts go into a parts washer. First to come out is the intermediate clutch pack, one-way clutch, forward clutch, and hub. Inspect the clutch discs and plates for heat issues and scoring. Inspect it closely for wear and damage. Disassemble the direct clutch to reveal clutches and steels.

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The modifying and attaching of the sundry cooling lines, linkages, mimoza duot and diego cables and electrical harnesses will represent most of the time involved in completing it. This arm needs to positively shut off when the throttle is at idle and this small spring guarantees that happens. The Lokar cable as it would be attached to the trans. Clutch and band frictions saturated with plenty of fluid go the distance and provide durability.

A Shift In Good Time

Ford AOD Overdrive Transmission

Inspect the inner and outer piston seals for damage that may have caused transmission malfunction. Mass rebuilders, for example, toss thousands of parts in bins with other seemingly like parts, clean them up, machine or replace as necessary, and put transmissions together haphazardly. This pressure effects shifting, shift points, and basically the life of the transmission.

Regardless of the condition, overdrive bands must always be replaced and the drum dressed for good hookup without slippage. When the plates are shiny, they can be resurfaced to a healthy crosshatch pattern for good clutch hookup. Clutches and bands burn due to slip-page and no other reason, aside from fluid starvation. The aluminum tube radiant coolers work pretty well too and are easy to mount and plumb. Selecting the correct flexplate to complete this conversion is important.

Ford AOD Transmission

That should give you some pretty good shifting feel. Take plenty of pictures and liberal notes as you go along. Also inspect the pump cavity walls for scoring.

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