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Barling Pipes Dating

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Many Barling briar pipes made prior to lack any company markings except for the name of the shop that sold them. For many years Barling had model numbers for their pipes, but didn't stamp them on the pipes. Evidently new pictures of the pipes were not commissioned for the catalog, probably because management figured that most people would either not notice, or not care. Discover and dating back to include. If you see a dating guide, especially on dating ashton tate hosts a similar vibrational frequency.

The only thing that would make it even better is to be able to know a bit more of the back story. The pictures below show it before I dried it off. But sometime later, they were restored to use.

The old size stamps are dropped. The model number is placed right below the Barling logo. The stummel, at this stage, looks absolutely stunning with the grain popping out from every inch. What time period would you reckon it dates to? Got a giant laugh out of this thread Dock!

It is obviously a Dunhill from B. To highlight the beautiful grain in the pipe I used a brush dipped in black stain to follow the grain patterns on the bowl. Dear Gentlemen, I found this exquisite site when search for information about a pipe seen at ebay. As you can see, this catalog features beautiful engravings of various shapes. It works well with the shape.

Quaints continued to be made during this period. This disparity in dates may also be partially responsible for the disparity in dates given for the end of the Transition Era and the beginning of the Post-Transition Era. The next day, the cotton and alcohol had fulfilled its intended task. The glue would only be used on the upper portion of the tenon and not on the step down portion.

Lack of a number doesn't prove that the pipe was a custom order. However, it did not have a flat stem. At that time the prices for pipes were primarily diversified by the materials used for the stems and their extansions and the number and the styling of silver or gold bandages.

This was followed by cleaning the mortise with cue tips, pipe cleaners and shank brush dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Sf based comic ashton pipe produced by wheniwaswheniwas. So neither the beginning, nor the end, of the Transition era can be recognized in the product. The rest of the tenon was loose in the mortise as years of use had worn away a part of the mortise. Unlike most of us, he works from evidence and facts, dating ideas montreal not supposition and guesswork.

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Their places were taken by others. The finish was clean and the rim was spotless. The photo below shows the pipes as they looked when they arrived and I took them out of the package. No one knows exactly when Barling began to stamp four digit numbers. Below are examples of several patents awarded to the company in this area.

The Rarest Barling Pipe In The World
Straight Grain

It begins with Barling in script over London England. Montague Barling still ran his company. The Niblick appeared sporadically in the Barling line.

Barling Pipes Dating

While the bowl was soaking I worked on the stem. This Barling Globe from has a model stamp. This continued for several months. The model number and logo stamp changed in mid while the Barling family still ran operations.

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Not being stupid, Bing happily accepted the presentation gift. But rather than being sandblasted, the Elite was exquisitely carved to replicate the appearance of a sandblast. Prior to that time, their published line of pipes includes three sizes, small, medium and large. They all came from the same seller, amongst some other pipes from the same period.

  • He later became General Manager, and is credited for later saving the brand from extinction at the hands of Imperial Tobacco.
  • There you have in romance course from it is a general reduction in dunhill pipes?
  • These pipes were made by the same craftsman from the same materials, as the earlier product.
The Rarest Barling Pipe In The World

Straight Grain

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Dating Barling pipes always proves interesting to me. Very few can tell the difference between a pipe made before and one made after. It gives the pipe a mottled look that is even clearer in person.

Merging them a huge plant came into being that was thoroughly reconstructed and reorganized. Metal rondelles were discontinued after the merger with Comoy. Thank you for having the patience to reach this far while reading the write up. It is in the th Anniversary catalog that the new numbering system first appears. Chuck and I talked through this list a bit on the phone and then through pms on Smokers Forums and he left it to me to see what I could do with the old pipe.

The Barling script and London England stamping is not as sharp, though still very readable. However, the outer and inner edges of the rim were still uneven. So, I'm glad you've set the record straight, at least in my mind, which had slightly wavered out of uncertainty. On older pieces with hallmarked silver bands, one can look up the hallmark.

Barling pipes
Dating wdc pipes


The first shows the left side and the second shows the underside of the shank. In addition, the unintentional howlers created by the translator will provide a great deal of amusement. The better clientele appreciated costly manufactured tailor-made cases. Moreover, it is not duplicated by any other maker. Once it was dry the tenon was obviously too big so I sanded it, special needs dating while repeatedly checking for the fit.

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Wish I had found it sooner. It seems there was some variation in the markings during this period. The four digit shape number was the first thing I checked out. The Barling Company produced a variety of classic English shapes of every description.


  1. Does it still have spinich residue in it?
  2. If you are interested and have further information on the matter, we would be delighted to hear from you.
  3. They were simply hand carved pipes.

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