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Bassline (music genre)Bassline JunkieBassline Junkie

Bassline Junkie

It was briefly closed after another stabbing in but allowed to reopen as a members-only venue. Rascal and his friend then visit a church, with Rascal dressed like a priest giving a sermon and his friend playing an organ with all its keys taped off apart from the bass notes. The increased appeal of bassline may be in part due to the vocal contributions of female artists such as Jodie Aysha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The lyrics of bassline are often focused on love and other issues that may be considered more feminine.

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This sends the churchgoers into a frenzy, dancing wildly and tearing off their clothes. In July The Independent featured an article about the progress of Bassline and the new sound.

Bassline (music genre)Bassline Junkie

The song was produced by M. British Phonographic Industry. Select singles in the Format field. This was mainly driven by the genre not having a presence in nightclubs as it did previously. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

They also cleanse a man in a pub.

After its success through the mid to late s Bassline began to enter a stage of commercial decline. Redirected from Bassline house. Like most electronic music, sampling played a big part, chuggington song as lots of the same sampled basslines can be heard in old speed garage and bassline house releases. Problems playing this file? Select Silver in the Certification field.

Bassline Junkie