Celebrities dating regular

Celebrities dating regular

Celebrities Dating Non-Celebrities, People Who Aren't Famous

Prince William and Kate Middleton Despite the extravagant worldwide-televised wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's love story is quite ordinary. While Toth is nowhere near the household name of his wife, he also boasts his own well-known credits as a talent agent with A-list clients like Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey. Andrews in Scotland, where they were both living in the same residency hall and studied art history. They met in college in at the University of St.

When she saw that the popular rom-com actor made a reservation under his real name, she initially wrote it off as a joke until he actually walked in asking for a trim. Parsekian, who is a co-creator for the nonprofit, Kind Campaign, an organization aimed at stopping bullying, married Paul in after getting engaged in Paris. But before Middleton added Duchess to her name, she was actually a typical something looking for a job. Alamuddin, a human rights attorney, first met the actor in at his vacation home in Lake Como, where she attended as the plus-one of a mutual friend. Now I finally feel comfortable with my lover.

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From there, the Oscar winner chased the lawyer down for months until she eventually agreed to go out with him. They reunited a year later at the festival where they were inseparable, kissing at the top of the concert's iconic ferris wheel. After college, around the time William and she were dating, Middleton picked up a job as an accessories buyer for the British retailer, Jigsaw.

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