Chanyeol dating alone game wiki

Chanyeol dating alone game wiki

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They interviewed Se-ho about his occupation as a comedian. After meeting their neighbors, the members gather together and decorate their rooms. Jackson rushes down to feed Michael carrots and water but Michael rejects the food.

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They left looking through the hallway. When they return to the house, the group prepares dinner as the guests start to arrive. At night, the members gather to plan a surprise party for Nana before she arrives home.

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The comedians bring the audience back in time as they perform one of their most famous skits from over a decade ago. Close to the end, Nana returns home to see that Cucumber's belly was swollen and the members immediately send her to a hour veterinary hospital.

The episode ends with Jackson and Joon-hyung teaching the members English and acting out scenes by speaking English. The two men meet Bae Jong Ok and recant how they felt upon meeting her for the first time.

Kim Soo-mi brings food and side dishes that she made and prepares the Roommate casts a traditional Korean lunch. In the living room, Jackson asks if he could meet Kim Heung-Guk's daughter. They tried their best to persuade him which he later agrees saying that he will make time for the Christmas Party. The members who stayed at home helped with sorting out the good beans from the bad beans. The rest of the members return to the house after their individual activities.

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As the night gets deeper, the members and guests have a dance battle. Jackson and the guests learn about the correct way to bow to their elders. At the end of the episode, a few members reenact their past auditions. At the end of the episode, Jong-ok teaches the members about acting and a few members act out the famous play of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Later in the episode, Jackson, Ryohei and Se-ho join a marathon which requires the contestants to climb sixty floors of stairs in less than twenty minutes. After that, the Roommate members go out for an outing. He is entertained by Sunny and Shoo's dancing. Meanwhile, Guk-joo appears on a radio show and was paid a surprise visit by Kang-joon. When the guests arrive at the share house, they were welcomed warmly.

Later in the evening, Guk-joo gets tearful when she talks about her career and the support she gets from the family. After a few questions from Park Joon Hyung, he decides that he needs help teaching them, himself.