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Casting an actress who is not considered a raving beauty in any of those roles is just asking for fans to unleash holy hell. Netizens tore her apart for being too fat and not beautiful enough, and she apparently developed an eating disorder because of all the criticism. That would be the guest starring coup of this drama. Since their relationship became public, the couple has generously shared their vacation photos on social media. What the fuck is with the random blue bits in her outfit?

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Chen made the decision to put her undergraduate degree in marketing on hold, to start her career in acting. After their love fails, then he gradually falls for Xiaolongnu.

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Plus all Xiaolongnu has are her looks! To have such an amazingly charismatic gorgeous guy who can act as Yang Guo makes me happy, but then his Xiaolongnu needs to be extraordinary to match up to him. Many speculate the couple's quick engagement may be due to Michelle's rumored pregnancy. Earlier this summer, Michelle was suddenly sent to the hospital when she fell ill while filming in China. Using what ungodly barometer of beauty is Yumama associating doughy Michelle Chen with her pancake face with lithe icy goddess that is Xiaolongnu?

She does not give a fuck about the world outside the tomb or about any one not named Yang Guo. She is in love with the revised version of Yin Zhi Ping he has a new name now the taoist priest. If there is good news, we hope to receive everyone's blessing. If there are additional developments, we will share with everyone! This version also had my favorite Yang Guo as well.

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But at least they were pretty! Instead of a spoiled sociopath that she used to be. If I meet the right person, I will get married! Her expression is also all wrong. Yumama better not let me down here as well.

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Yu Zheng has already cast his resident next generation hottie Chen Xiao as lead Yang Guo, and I wholeheartedly approve. In the film, Chen plays the role of Shen Chia-yi. Doughy, dull, meryl davis dating maks and dumpy Michelle Chen as the most beautiful wuxia girl ever? Get ready to hurt feast your eyes on the first official still of Michelle Chen as Xiaolongnu.

Initially she wanted to be a singer, but the company wanted her to try to advance the field of cinema. Andy handled the entire teen-adult-jaded elder transition with aplomb. So she played supporting roles in several films and television cause attention to looks lovely, cute, but did not leave much impression. Her casting announcement was met with widespread opposition from the public, with criticisms leveled at her appearance, which is not as light and angel-like as Xiaolongnu's description in the book.

Zhao Li Ying as Mu Nianci makes no sense. And her side is even crazier. The words, it means something! In an earlier interview, Chen Xiao declared his eagerness to get married and have a family soon.

Sometimes he was fine, other times total fail. Yu Zheng has managed to piss, crap, and massacre one lovely memory of a Louis Cha novel drama adaptation after another. Although both are often separated long distance due to their filming schedules, they texted and called each other on the phone every day.

How different does he want to make it? She is the uber icy queen. Or how can she act as a ethereal beauty with her droopy-eyed pancake face. But this is about novel and cinematic standards. This offends every fiber of my aesthetic sensibilities.

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In the initial stages of their dating relationship, the couple was very careful in keeping a low-profile. Including some songs composed by herself, the album received an average response from critics and music listeners.

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