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Kill enough zombies to earn points. Once you activate all three teddy bears, a secret song will begin playing. Once you get out of town and are on the cliffside, there will be two white houses.

You can then shoot and kill it. Eventually, you will meet and rescue a scientist.

If you are quick enough, you can avoid the ghost and still have points leftover. Exit the room you land in, turn right, go past the door, and enter the concrete room with locked double doors. The final one is on the second floor of the courthouse. There is a doorway near a broken metal staircase around the midlevel of the warehouse. Buy all the doors or you instantly die.

You must jump off the bus to collect it. Your Scorestreak resets to zero when you die. Collect and attach them to the power switch to turn it on. The teddy bear is sitting upright near the ledge. When you begin the assault on the mansion, look to the right to see a bell tower.

There are also three tiles that need to be activated. In the Raid multiplayer map, there is a basketball court in an outdoor corner of the map. The teddy bear emits a noise, so as you get closer, the sound will get louder. Then, go into the elevator shaft, and wait until it drops down to the bottom floor. On the roof, you can see the dragon in the distance.


The first question mark appears outside the prison. Locate the window display with a tray full of candy. You can't break any windows or kill each other. There are four tiles on the elevators spread across the Die Rise map.

After the wing suit cutscene, you will reach a facility with lots of enemies. Once you reach the bridge of the ship, you will be able to take control of turrets.

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You build a jet gun which is pretty much like the thunder gun from black ops. You will know you activated the teddy bear by a special tone that is played when you press the correct button. When the meeting ends inside the cave, new york nights 2 friends for life look to your right before leaving. Beyond the hoop are some basketballs lined up. Guide Download Game You need to read before download.

Use the knife and pistol to earn maximum points for each zombie. There are also no Pro perks in the game.

Your email address will not be published. Are Zombie Games Truly Undead? When you reach a circular room that has two staircases going up and two staircases going down, take one of the staircases down.

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Look inside the concrete sweat shop full of sewing machines. To destroy barriers with Leroy, lead Leroy near a barrier, and line him up with the debris. The story, the visual effects, environment, and many other features are really appreciable. Using the Time Bomb, you can revert to an earlier round. He can only spawn in between rounds, not during rounds.

To build the Sliquifier Wonder weapon in the Die Rise map, you will need five parts found near the power room. Dead or Alive Bronze Jailor or executioner.

If you have a hard time finding this teddy bear, turn up the in game music. Are More Gaming Fails Coming? While you are going through the dark hallway to turn the power on, there will be a key after leaving the crashed elevator. The Sliquifier explodes zombies in a single shot, and leaves behind a slick area on the ground that makes any pursuing zombies trip. Move towards the front of the ship, and look in the corner to find the intel in a corner to your right.

Look for the double doors in the garage. If you play you can't die while you play. Go up the stairs, and the intel will be on your right on a small table. The intel is on a desk to your left, next to a computer monitor. The intel is on a desk directly across from the entrance to the room.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Travel through the house, and turn left at the shed at the edge of the map. Take the parts to the workbench to build the Turbine. Open the double doors with your points, then run straight ahead through the sweat shop. After opening the gate and dodging the bus, look right for a small alcove with the intel on the ground.

After going a short distance, there will be a small cave on the left. Find the three hidden teddy bears on the TranZit map, and interact with them by crouching near them with your reticule over the teddy bear and pressing Square until you hear a sound. There are four glowing sides of the tower you must melee to power the tower up.

Look on the desk for a can leaning against the wall, across from the bath tubs. All three are scattered in the small Power Station. Once shot, the orbs will appear under the lion statues in the same room.

The part should be inside. Always look outside of the map too! You will remain invincibile while playing the games.

Before going down, look to the left to see shelves against the wall with the intel on once of the shelves. The third oil can can be found by going outside on the dock with the boat, and looking for the Tommy Gun purchase location on the outer wall, then go left and straight down. Place the constructed turbine next to the double doors, right beside the workbench to access a new room. Go up the steps to find the intel on the floor.

Find the three hidden teddy bears on the Buried map, and interact with them by crouching near them with your reticule over the teddy bear and pressing Square until you hear a sound. To build the turbine, grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane's wing under the nearby pay phones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window.