Creepypasta dating sim tumblr backgrounds

Creepypasta dating sim tumblr backgrounds

He stood up, but Liu gestured him to sit down. Jeff stood up and walked towards the back door. Everyone is looking at Jeff now. Randy, Troy, and Keith all jumped over the fence on their skateboards. As he sat there, eating his breakfast, he once again got that feeling.

Randy screamed and Jeff grabbed the knife from his hand. Well, when I say walk, I mean he would stumble awkwardly, as if he was freezing cold or being watched. My desktop background had changed to pictures of Matt and Lisa, which were in black and white. Randy repeatedly starts kicking Jeff, until he starts to cough up blood. He was in bed, tossing and turning, he was still doing that horrible scream.

His face was turned into

Jeff pushed Randy off of him and both rose to their feet. He pushed him into the wall. He could say him and Liu had been attacked, but then there was no proof it was not them who attacked first.

He threw Randy toHe could say him

Jeff the Killer - Creepypasta

He threw Randy to the ground. His face was turned into a pure white color, and his hair singed from brown to black.

He pounced on Matt and started swinging the blade back and forth into Matt's chest. Side note the screencap shown was actually arranged and taken by aaron der schaedel, not me.

Have the marks to prove it. They both jumped back in surprise. Then they left, not knowing that this was their final day of life.

When Jeff woke he had a cast wrapped around his face. When she looked into the bathroom she saw a horrendous sight. Just as she was cooking, David arrived, and he went over to his wife to greet her, and next thing you know, the oven was on fire.

He pushed himJeff pushed Randy off of him