Datemenow dating website

Datemenow dating website

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Additionally, Messages are strictly private and are not accessible to other Members not involved in the conversation, nor to any third party. Your e-mail address private. The Application lets you set search preferences for age and gender. These crossing points can be displayed as a newsfeed or as a map. These employees and authorized managers only have access to the data necessary to perform their duties.

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Messages and voice notes are strictly private and only implicate the Members involved. When you communicate this information, you accept that some of it will be visible to the other Members of the Application, and therefore be made public on the Application. You may add additional information to improve your Profile.

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It can be information you share with us directly, or data we collect automatically. However, the information not marked as Public will not be visible or accessible by other Members. The exact position or the itinerary of a Member is never available to the other Members. Your interests public like your personal preferences, hobbies, Facebook friends list allowing you to see possible friends in common on the Application. This information is optional, shared at your own discretion, and is your sole responsibility.

If you choose to do so, your newsfeed will no longer be updated, and your will not be able see who you have crossed paths with after disabling the geolocation option. You can also hide your age by subscribing to an option.

If you would like to, you can share additional information about you in the space provided for this purpose.