Youth Worker – Interview Questions

Dating a youth pastor interview

The following interview guide is exhaustive, offering a number of questions for each qualification, skill, or job area proposed in our sample job description. Give an example of this trait from your last job. Some people feel that religion needs to be adapted to modern life and needs. Share an example of a time when you modeled a negative behavior.

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Share a positive experience building your team of youth ministry volunteers. If so, tell us about that experience.

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Man looks at each other on the outside, but God looks at the heart. Give us an example of some fruit you saw from this effort. Tell us about that experience.

Share a negative experience managing a volunteer. These are just sample questions that could be asked to find out the individuals attitudes and experience in each area. Give an example of one of these people reflecting their knowledge of this purpose statement. Share the vision you set for your last youth ministry and how it was carried out. Name a few ways that this reading or training helped you.

Youth Worker – Interview Questions - Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Tell us how you taught this purpose statement to your staff, volunteers and students. Describe how that ministry grew and why.

Share a negative experience with one of your co-workers and how the situation was handled. Recruit and train volunteer leaders to help you with your purpose Every student should know an adult who is praying, caring and investing in their lives. Create avenues of consistent contact with parents regular e-newsletters, annual parent meetings, etc.

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Add or subtract questions as needed. Ex-gang members live to tell of the incredible hardships they went through to leave the gang.

Give an example of the spiritual growth you saw. Set the vision for the youth ministry with a plan to carry it out. So many of the stories in the Bible seem so much like headlines that you would see in a grocery-store-checkout magazine. Each question will correspond to criteria, qualifications and specific tasks in the job description. Share some of the ways you made ends meet to stick to your budget.

But, the Bible does give some truth that we can use in answering this question. This interview uses behavior based questions.

Thousands have given their life to stand on what the Bible teaches. Give an example of how you helped students reach out to others. Give an example of a time you gave students an opportunity to serve.

Tell us about that experience