Dating agency cyrano 2019 asianwiki

Dating agency cyrano 2019 asianwiki

He says likewise and asks to

They sit down to eat and Mi Rae says she has something to say to Se Joo. She wants to become someone who can help him and for that she will need some time. Oppa asks what Mi Rae needs to learn and Miranda says cooking and flower arrangement, to which Oppa says Mi Rae already knows how to do those things. Mi Rae takes out a tape recorder and asks to do an audio interview with him. This also totally confuses me as to why she would spend all the early episodes painting him as a villain of the first order.

Mi Rae and Oppa walk future Mi Rae to the time-travel elevator. Shin sits in his office and he can hear the striking reporters yelling from the lobby. Its as inconsistent and weak-willed as Mi Rae has been all drama long. Miranda calls Mi Rae into her office to ask her to break up with Se Joo. The fact that this drama even created so much narrative mess that it could plausibly have an open ending is in itself a sheer joke.

He sees people protesting outsideShin walks off the setHe was saved after the accident

He sees people protesting outside in support of him. Mi Rae reveals she saw Miranda a few days earlier to discuss this.

The man whose son died watches it and says thank you, thank you. He was saved after the accident by a heart procedure and has been waiting for her to come back.

Shin asks if he will beThe man whose son died

Shin asks if he will be fired and pay a penalty. Shin walks off the set and all the production members bow deeply towards him in respect and restrain the big wig coming to chew him out. He says likewise and asks to go first.

Even in the very end we are faced with massive plot holes we can all drive the Death Star through. So she loves him, like he still loves her and is waiting for her. Shin seems fine with it, though he did ask Mi Rae whether he they could meet again after his debt is paid and she said maybe and three years later his lawsuit is all over and done with. Miranda chews out Se Joo for what he did and asks how he is going to take responsibility.

He smiles and closes the door and leaves. Shin says they both tried to escape their fates but look at them now, still in the same place. They bid each other farewell and walk off on divergent paths. Future Mi Rae can dig it up when she gets back.