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The tang has been painted white to enhance the reflection of the colored wires. The Navy was low on the priority list for small arms so wood and plastic were issued for the mundane purposes while the real steel weapons went to front line troops. Although this one has nothing to do with knives it was recently brought to my attention during the Florida Fiasco. So we can see Western was very active in trying to grasp a government contract. As far as them being out of use I am not so sure.

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They may very well have been in Vietnam but not while the U. That was the only bayonet contract listed for Victory Plastics.

Blade markings would confirm these identifications. They were made by Ontario Knife Co. Now according to my history books that war was over by this time period. Scratching down through the layers I found white, green actually olive drab and black.

Anyway I digress, these are the numbers for L. Seems the Marine marked knives and machetes sold well and commanded the extra buck as S. This grabbed my attention. Despite the identical blade geometries the Case variant goes for a lot more on the market as there are more Case collectors than Cattaraugus collectors. Which is which I want to know but I want photos or accurate descriptions in a government document.

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Yes those plastic bayonets purchased by the Navy and marked P. The value of the knives is reviewed over a period of several years.

All guesses so far but it does give one something to ponder on. Nothing to do with knives or any other cutlery items.

Be careful if planning this as some items are stored overseas. No use of extra words in this description. That is just an educated guess. Frankel was located in Rochester along with his other businesses. These cutters were used in the same time frame as the switchblade knives which is strange as the redundancy is unusual in personal gear for weight purposes.

These specialized troops required specialized knives to do the job. It shows three variations of knives offered and a fourth is listed but not shown.

At the start of World War Two it is a known fact that the U. The Rangers were angry that the Army was taking away something they considered their trademark.