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He called this system Shuri-Te, all Shorin styles originated with this man. Any idiot can make a fist and lash out wildly using weight and impetus. The interview was conducted in Spanish to the great annoyance of Sensei Kise. In Medieval Europe we see vestiges of this in the Code of Chivalry as well as in many knightly orders such as the Knights Templar and Hospitalers.

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They fortified their conquered communities by erecting defensive walls or other barriers around them. Her profile is over at A Foreign Affair. In adolescence it also helps prevent unhealthy social behavior due to peer pressure, mass media influences and indiscriminant sexual conduct due to lack of self control or self respect. Soken stated that he could drive an individual through the ground or just simply throw him on the ground either way, the opponent was at a distinct disadvantage.

Her profile is over at

Learning Karate-do is learning to face life's challenges and conditioning oneself to truly succeed. Kusanku is actually a Chinese diplomatic title. He often stated that he did not care for the Japanese language that much.

She lives in Nikolaev, which is a medium sized city on the Dnieper River, which makes it a very pretty place. This honey is looking for her prince.

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If the balance was not good you would fall and since the exercises were always vigorous, a fall could seriously hurt you. In Japan they use an iron chain but this is too cumbersome and can damage the student that practices that method.

Traditional formal solo and partnered exercises that teach proven battlefield principles, tactics, techniques and strategies of self-defense. There are many secrets in Karate that people will never know and will never understand. It is a physical, intellectual, and spiritual pursuit which is practiced in nearly every country in the world for self defense, health and longevity. He stayed with the old ways and did much to cause a rebirth in Kobudo and the old Shorinryu ways.

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He later studied with Kosu Kun, also known as Kusanku who was renown as a famous master of a Kenpo style referred to as Kumai Jutsu which he apparently learned from a Shaolin monk in China. Sensei, your kata is very distinct and beautiful to see. She works as a teacher so you know she has a good heart. Tsuken is known for the bo form called Tsuken-nu-kun or Tsuken-bo.