Dating piano stools

Dating piano stools

Many piano benches were made with a top that lifted giving the musician a storage compartment for his sheet music. When in doubt, we recommend just a plain square tapered leg so it won't clash with the style of your piano. And don't forget, different computer monitors show color hues just a bit differently.

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If a bench does get sold out, we'll let you know right away and let you know when it will be shipped. Ultimately our benches will last longer. This style of bench is recommended for heavy traffic use or for people who require a stronger bench. Much more fabric is used to make the hand tufted folds, which results in greater comfort and extends the life of the bench. Antique Schoenhut Toy Piano With the s came the introduction of the piano chair.

Answer All benches are shipped in a flat box with the legs wrapped separately for safety. Normal wear and tear, misuse, damaged caused by user. Benches of the time often had delicately turned legs and beautiful glass ball and claw feet. When stained, this color difference causes intensity variations.

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This size Bench can be used with Grand Pianos, full size Upright pianos, or with any piano where you'd like two people to sit side by side. Do you have a strong bench that will hold a bit of weight. The width is proportionate to the size of the instrument and certainly adds elegance to any Grand Piano. These forms are a concert bench, a rectangular bench and a piano chair. Early piano chairs had three legs similar to the piano stool and a sculpted and heavily detailed back.

You'll be enjoying it long after you've forgotten how much it cost. Frederick benches are in fact imported from China.

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However, it's not exact and should not be used if an exact match is required. Throughout time, ever since pianos have been manufactured, piano benches have never been built by the piano companies. Plush upholstery was used on the seats.

Victorian duet stools were made with elegant carved detailing on the side panels and beautiful tapered square legs. Answer Our benches come with a large variety of leg styles that can be matched to almost any piano. They will repair or replace at their option. Our benches are made of many different types of Hardwoods which have various porosity levels that don't always absorb stains equally.

The most uncommon type of antique bench for pianos is the piano chair. The rectangular wood framed bench seat, known as the piano bench, was a product of the s. However, if you do receive the wrong product or color than the one you ordered, we will happily exchange it at no charge to you. Aside from the fact that most pianists found them to be very uncomfortable, they were not offered as a standard choice with a piano purchase. The woods contain grain characteristics such as mineral streaks and pin knots that affect the color and intensity of each individual piece.

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If you have ordered a custom-made bench e. Answer The choice is a personal preference and a matter of budget. However, be aware that there are many different grades of leather.

Victorian duet stools

Our benches are made of many different types of Hardwoods which have various porosity levels and do not absorb stains equally. The Victorian era had a very strong influence on piano bench styles all the way into the s. However, many benches are just Look-a-Likes to ours but are made badly or with inferior materials.

We ask that you be certain of your color choice. Any transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.