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Unfortunately, the game lasts twice as long as my patience for the duff bits held out. The first location is Mataka Village.

Even the military base fell to the undead hordes. Then, go to the north side just before crossing the bridge to the Military Base. Its a superb horror adventure video game. Some elements ruin the sense of realism, but can be tons of fun if you can look past that fact.

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Harlow, however, is in a violent rage, having had the mutagen tested on herself by the lab's staff. Load the checkpoint before the counter finishes. Then, fast travel back to Pinai Ferry Station, and the sniper rifle will have respawned. Are More Gaming Fails Coming? If the controller turns off, the time will not count.

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She can be found in the Flooded Jungle area of the map in the Mataka Village location. Kessler, tells the immune that he believes the zombie-creating virus mutation was created by exposure to chemical weapons. Take a few steps back, then run and jump over the barbed wire fence on the left to reach the quarantine zone.

Proceed through the main story missions until you have access to Henderson Ferry Station. Once they are all dead, go straight, and turn left. Pick up the duplicated items, and repeat the process as many times as desired. If you restart the last checkpoint and it spawns you back in the quarantine zone, reset the game. The items dropped at the checkpoint will be there on the ground, and those items will also be in your inventory.

She will then ask you to bring back any canned foods that you find. There are also some more zombie types, but Dead Island is still longer and has more varied environments. However, they are kept imprisoned inside the ship and experimented on individually. Then, fast travel to Henderson Ferry Station. Then, open the container to get a Legendary orange weapon.

When you spawn, go southwest until you reach the quarantine area. Download Will Start Automatically. Graphics looks dated and ugly up close.

As the boat is leaving it is shown that the hospital camp and movie theater have been overrun by Infected. This fast travel location is very important because when traveling to this place, all the items on the map will respawn, allowing you to farm any items you find. Then, go to the abandoned movie set, and grab the chainsaw in the back area.

They follow a trail of blood to an injured pilot who tells them that Serpo killed one of the pilots to distract the Infected so he could save his own life. The Heroes secure the old movie theater as a base of operations for the time being.

It's a continuation to the first game, kind of like the F. The Toolbox Midget is a reference to the Borderlands series, as midgets occasionally appear when opening boxes and chests in the game. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. One thing I am really glad they changed is the weapons damage system which has been greatly improved, and therefor weapons last longer. Join the rest of survivors Enter the camp Defend the camp.

You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The original was pure fun, had great combat and large, open areas to explore. Dead Island Riptide Zombie Walkthrough. You can obtain the chainsaw at the beginning of the game.

You will get this side mission after clearing out Paradise Survival Camp at the beginning of the game. Just download and start playing it we have provided direct link full free setup of the game. By far the best Zombie adventure I have played yet. You can also plant the mine while the ten zombies are still moving, but the blast might not destroy all bodies.

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Dead Island Riptide Free Download

Then, fast travel to Marik's Marina. Since the ingredients for the Hot Rod Machete are not that rare, you can keep creating new Hot Rod Machetes when you find better machetes. Once you do find a vendor with blades in their inventory, buy as many as possible. Each Dead Zone contains a special champion zombie with unique combinations of attributes. You must climb a hidden ladder to make him appear.

Are Zombie Games Truly Undead? Palanai has also been struck by the infection, and the island has been overrun with zombies. Dead Island Riptide Launch Trailer. Also, do you know if there was an updated engine used for Riptide to improve graphics, or has the engine stayed the same? It requires a few easy to find items to create.

It is a lot like Dead Island, but it does have a lot more stuff to it. While bugs may have been the bane of Dead Island, vj loops pack the underlying shabbiness of everything else still overwhelms Riptide.

Harlow injects herself with the mutagen and fights them. And I also liked the upgrade system in this game, which I believe returned from the last game, it still works the same and I still liked it. To purchase blades, you must find a vendor that has blades in their inventory. Once you have picked up the items, go back to Biosphere Laboratory, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Go to the back of the hut, in the water, to find a vent leading to a secret Dead Zone.

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The graphics in this game are pretty bad, and character models are horrible. Please post your opinion and tell why. At least with a couple of friends. Look around Eliminate all threats Talk with Marvin Survive until the arrival of ferry Group your team at the ferry.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. It is very interesting to play and easy to download with simple unique method. They finally arrive in Henderson only to find the city completely overrun with infected.