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Deep Shrestha

The Nepalese music industry expanded and started to witness professionalism. He is not only a popular singer, but also a sportsman. An unplanned journey brought Deep Shrestha this far in the music industry, but still he does not fail to exhibit the traces of being a sportsman.

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Deep began his professional musical career in the late s, the time which is known as the golden era of Nepali modern music. He decided to sing again and bring out an album. Deep feels this decision helped in the smooth sailing of their marriage. Still, Shrestha stands out in the field of Nepali modern music for his unique style in singing and commands a lot of respect and love from Nepali audience. He would have probably reigned the heart of sports lovers had he not started singing.

Deep Shrestha

Satya-Swaroop and Surya Kumar are the current lot of artists he enjoys listening to. How Hindus Contributed to the History of Science. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia. He plans to open a studio in his home in the future. Hinduism Buddhism Islam Christianity.

King Mahendra was so impressed that he allowed Shrestha to record as many songs as he wished. You have entered an incorrect email address!

He has now given up playing as a professional. His journey began at Radio Nepal, where he started singing for Rs. May, Issue Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha. They said his voice was feminine, but he won many accolades.

The performances he did in Australia in and are what he considers as some of his more memorable ones. Before this he used to perform in cultural programs and other functions locally organized in the eastern region. After recording many songs, and performing at various live shows in Nepal, he was invited by the artists from Darjeeling and Siliguri. His advice to the new crop of singers is to be self-critical, and not to be swayed by critics.

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That is how I was introduced to singer, song-writer, and composer Deep Shrestha. Shrestha enriches the anthology of Nepali music with hundreds of everlasting and melodious modern and patriotic songs. He was familiar with music since his early days.

Deep Shrestha Shekhar Free Download Borrow and Streaming Internet Archive

Although both of them were talented singers, Sophiya decided to take up the job of an airhostess. Outline Index Category Portal. Please enter your name here. He comes from a musical family, his father was an ustaad and played the violin and the flute. Before this, he used to perform in cultural programs and local functions.

Then, slowly, Deep Shrestha began to stop singing. The musical family background could have been one privilege that Shrestha got. With a flip of a switch, the giant time machine belonging to Buwa took us back in time to the golden era of Nepali music. Later, he stopped recording songs and he started getting busier on his own official work. Shrestha has begun his professional musical career in the late s which is also known as the golden era of Nepali modern music.

It was also radio that inspired Deep Shrestha to dream of a singing career. Therefore, all of the singers practiced very hard, so that they could complete the track at one go. However, his inclination towards music has benefited the Nepali audience and the music industry. Initially he had no formal training in music, but graduated with a music degree later on. He went to the program in Siliguri, where singers like Aruna Lama and Sarala Gurung were performing as well.

Then he started visiting Kathmandu once in a year to record songs in Radio Nepal. He himself has written quite a few songs. Apr, Issue Preeti Khattri.

Deep also had several chances to travel abroad. Deep Shrestha has earned a name and fame from his musical career. Deep was born and brought up in Dharan, where he studied till the intermediate level. Minus Shrestha's contribution, mohiner ghoraguli mp3 song the anthology of Nepali modern and patriotic songs would have not been as rich as it is today. This legacy instilled an inclination and nurtured the flair for singing in junior Shrestha.

In the subsequent years, he would come to Kathmandu once in a year and record a few songs and go back to his hometown. He expressed his problem to them, which the Russian team understood, and so they reduced its size. He was so impressed by his performance that he allowed Deep to record as many songs as he wanted in the Radio Nepal studio.

Later on, he joined a play group from Dharan that performed in front of the late King Mahendra. He has earned handsome sum from his songs and albums.

He was active in the field of music for another decade. His friend circle also had a positive impact on him.

He was acquainted with other musicians at an early age through his father. He credits a lot of his success to Radio Nepal, because it was there that he was offered some great opportunities to record and explore his musical self with a great deal of independence. We usually got it right after three takes, and the song used to be broadcast. Shrestha, who hails from the beautiful eastern city of Dharan, is among the few senior singers who were equally popular as players in their youths. He stood behind the curtain and sang songs, but the king had spotted the talent behind the curtain.

They had an eight-year relationship. Deep Shrestha is a renowned Nepalese musician who has provide different flavors of music to his audiences and fans. His father, who was also a singer, was a huge influence on him.

The elder, who is a banker, has even sung a duet with him. But missed his exams thrice!

And so did Shrestha's feelings. Shrestha's melodious voice and well composed music held everyone spellbound. Shrestha formally started his musical career in late s, this era is deemed as the golden era of Nepali modern music. Text by Sambid Bilas Pant. After that, he learnt to play the harmonium and guitar from many people, and learnt many tricks of the trade, as well.

Deep Shrestha

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They encouraged him to follow his dream to sing. After a Romeo-Juliet type love affair, they were successful in convincing their parents and got married. The Musical Journey of Deep Shrestha.

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