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She likes being single and has no plans to get married. Working harder and more passionately than anyone else, she was promoted to the position of director. So she plans on getting rid of her at the company. She has pretty looks, a stellar academic background, and a wealthy dad. Nobody dares to anger her.

He was enrolled in the Department of Theatre and Cinema at Hanyang University but was recently expelled for his low attendance record. In February the couple broke up. But a one-night stand is about to throw a wrench in her immaculate and perfect life.

However, he has long since given up his singing career. But these two people persevere despite the obstacles before them, searching for true happiness despite living in a society where morally acceptable behavior is in constant flux. Lee decided to take a break from acting in claiming he felt overwhelmed with his workload in both television and film.

But they were told to work only forgetting the past. After a one-night stand, Tae-kang gets Ji-ahn pregnant and their lives become entangled. So he has chosen to live as a bachelor.

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And he invests a lot of time on networking to get a big break. Her love for shoes naturally led her to join a shoe company. She is spunky, curt, authoritarian, hard-charging and susceptible to having hysterical fits when she is under stress.

In effect, she has it all. Fighting against rigid social mores, the two of them try to navigate a messy and challenging world. But then he meets Ji-ahn on an arranged date and becomes interested in her when she makes up a story about how she has early menopause to turn him off. Lee Dong Gun left for Sydney to identify his brother's body. To her the world is either black and white while grey areas are unacceptable.

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Deep inside, she has a vulnerable heart but on the surface, she is blunt, cold, feisty and unfazed by anything. So hardly anyone perceives him as a married man who has settled down with a family.

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Park Yeong-gyu as Park Kwang-seok Tae-kang's father. He wants to keep dating girls without settling down with one woman. They revealed their relationship to the public just a month after they had started dating. Even when she would just throw on tracksuit pants and wear no makeup, steve jobs back dating stock options she made sure she always wore the right shoes. But he believes that he has to maintain his cool style.

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