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Another great idea for a first date is to go hiking together on one of Colorado's popular trails where there are lots of other people. Colorado is also well known for its incredible world renowned ski resorts, such as Breckenridge, Keystone, and Vail. There are numerous rivers including the Colorado River, Boulder Creek, and Poudre River, which are great places for tubing, fishing, and relaxing. Instead, it's helpful to do an activity to relax the dynamic and let conversation flow more naturally.

Washington Park is a great place to visit filled with large trees, ponds, tennis courts and a running trail going all the way around it. It's a very popular location for residents throughout the year and especially in the warmer months.

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In addition, many restaurants offer organic and or vegan fare to cater to the health minded Coloradoan. Also, many sports stores offer incredible discounts each fall on all equipment from the previous ski season that's never been used.

The inside includes an incredible atmosphere filled with a waterfall, gun show, haunted house maze, underground mine, and the list goes on and on. Usually, if people move here they tend to grab onto this health oriented culture and join it.

Lastly, Denver singles tend to be health and environmentally conscious as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Other ideas could be playing frisbee together, tennis, roller blading, bike riding, and the list goes on and on. There are also plenty of great restaurants to eat at within Denver and the surrounding area.

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So, most people in Colorado regularly dress in work out clothes and stay physically fit. If you live in Colorado, you're familiar with its powerful rivers, breath taking rugged mountains, and splendid meadows. Some of the most awkward dates tend to be dinner or coffee where you must stare at one another and ask a lot of questions. Usually, anything that's active and fun and in public are great ideas for first dates to take the pressure off and to create good opportunities for getting to know one another in a casual way.