Hitler was not a socialist, even if he did stash champagne

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He may well have been

Stalin's was to communize people as bees like living in a bee hive structure to making Russia into a super empire. The difference was the Utopian ideals these two men had was for a better world. By white anting and influencing there way of life onto people on the planet. People may think and it may sound that communism was cruel with the Stalin Russian government in control of peoples lives. Hitlers was a one race world which he would be god.

Hitler was not a socialist, even if he did stash champagne - Telegraph

Yes, socialists do like champagne - but let's not damn them by that faint association. But it is certainly not to be taken as meaning that industry must be socialised. Indiana Jones is a good example of this This need to collect these item became an obsession as with taking over countries making room to breed the perfect race of people.

The Strasserites went so far as to demand the nationalisation of industry and even cooperation with the Soviet Union. Hitler began with a lecture on art, arguing that true art conformed to eternal ideas.

Otto and Gregor Strasser represented the wing of Nazism that certainly did self-define as socialist. Stalin's Russia was all Russians were equal all had a job, house, food and no homelessness. He was beaten, in the end, by an alliance of decadent Western democrats and Slavic communists.

Yes, Goebbels wanted to eliminate both Bolshevism and capitalism from Russia. He may well have been anticapitalist, but that does not necessarily mean that his concept of socialism sits within the Marxist tradition. It is not easy to define this historical phenomenon, and both Marxist and libertarian attempts have proven flawed. The strong were, in his opinion, always the Aryan race.

Dan said that he was a socialist, I disagreed. Socialists use welfare to protect the weak. This has been repeated throughout our history many times to create the perfect world. That Hitler did this to appease these powerful reactionaries sums up his approach to politics better than a million quotes.

Yes Goebbels wanted to eliminateIt is not easy to