Hulk dating black widow

Hulk dating black widow

Bruce is an extremely skilled tactician. Thor is devastated by the act and vows to avenge her.

She is later seenDuring the beginning of the fight

As Banner was taken into custody, Blonsky, desperate for more power, confronted Sterns and demanded he subject him to a dose of the Banner's gamma radiation treatment. Despite almost causing a disaster when he was forcibly transformed into Hulk by Loki, Banner rejoined the team during the Battle of New York and assisted them in defeating Loki and his entire army.

On one of their secret meetings, Janet later confesses to Hank, now classified as a security risk by S. At miniature size, the Wasp grows a pair of translucent insect wings from her back, a result of genetic modifications provided by Hank Pym. You can help Disney Wiki by expanding it.

During the beginning of the fight, she is briefly turned into a symbiote monster before a cure is created by Stark. However, when Thor arrived on the planet, Hulk fought against his old friend in the arena. She is later seen with the rest of the Avengers heading to New York to confront the Skrulls. To prevent another transformation, Banner underwent rigorous meditation to control his emotions and keep his pulse at a steady level.

While trying to evade the special forces, Banner was attacked by thugs and became the Hulk. Genius In action Research Labs to look for women with genius intellects. Bruce's body generates no fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting him nigh limitless endurance in all physical activities.

However when Thor