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Ideas for accommodating aging church members

The adult ministry of church name has as its purpose to communicate and share God's love to those inside and outside the church family. If a clear purpose statement is not established and used early in the ministry, the activities will become increasingly self-serving and self-centered. Effective programs and activities will be based on the findings of your research. The term senior adult may become politically incorrect.

If churches are prepared, they will get out their surfboards and catch the ride of a lifetime. Marketing researchers have identified reasons older adults buy or don't buy certain products. The church that is age sensitive will provide a variety of groups to appeal to the diversity of interests, needs, and activities for each age group. By contrast, if your paradigm is adult ministry, all kinds of groups can develop, many of which would not even be identified as senior adult.

Use or adapt it

Use or adapt it if it describes the purpose you desire for your adult ministry. They respond to activities that bring fresh and new experiences.

This purpose statement should be accepted by the members and be a yardstick to measure progress regularly. They respond to people more than programs.

They desire to continue developing as human beings. Abundant, accurate information properly interpreted and applied enables churches to be good stewards of God's grace and effective communicators of the gospel of Christ.

They respond to activities that bring

Develop a purpose statement. Many other adults in your congregation and community will not identify with a senior adult group. He is founder and president of L. This distinction is important. Begin with an adult ministry, not a senior adult group.

This purpose statement

They desire to be or remain self-sufficient. Churches that are not prepared will be swamped by the sheer numbers, diversity, and impact of these older adults. If you have a senior adult group, you limit potential involvement to those individuals who see themselves as senior adults. The age wave is rapidly approaching.