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It should be near a workplace hub as this will guarantee a steady stream of tenants or buyers. The property that has a resale value may help you in reaping bigger benefits like putting the house on a better price and many more. This is why they are the most affordable options in a building project. For this, it is advisable that you approach developing areas like Hebbal, Sarjapur road and Whitefield. These houses are easy to sell as the demand for smaller apartments is always higher than those for larger ones.

All these factors are inter-connected thus, it becomes imperative to have an idea about all of these. Find out if any major government projects are coming up as this will enhance the resale value of your house. Should you buy a studio apartment? The supporting facts could be high migration rate, growing industrialization or expanding business hubs.

On one side there is a lot of emphasis made on the affordable housing segment while on the other side luxury property market is also taking a positive turn. These include a parking slot and club membership.

It's even better if they can buy one near their workplace as it will help them save on transportation cost. The real estate sector in India has been going through a transition over the past year.

Follow the above steps and assure a great deal in the dynamic real estate market of Bangalore. Bangalore continues to be one of the fastest growing metropolises in the country. However, the residential real estate market in Bangalore has managed to enjoy stable growth as compared to other metropolitan cities. First-time home buyers in a place like Bangalore can witness really bad hard times choosing the best as there are a lot of options in the market.

Why buying a studio flat is a good investment

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Over the past few years, studio apartments have been cropping up in metro cities. Nadekar belongs to the growing working class, which wants affordable and manageable houses, something that the developers have been quick to cater to. According to Ganesh Vasudevan, vice-president, Indiaproperty.

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Even if you move to a bigger house later on, it guarantees a rental income. Moreover, you must check aspects like neighbourhood, surrounding, proximity to the commercial and social infrastructure zones so that the future price appreciation looks palatable.

The only closed area with a separate door is a bathroom. By establishing the limits means setting your own boundaries for rotating the money effectively. If you plan to sell the apartment after a few years, buy an unfurnished one. These locations have also seen the highest demand and appreciation for residential property.

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He wasn't keen on a big house as he lives alone or with a roommate and did not want to take a hefty loan considering the high interest rates. Finally, compare the rates with your budget and pick out the one that matches all your criteria.

Also known as bachelor apartments or efficiency apartments, studio flats are small and self-contained units, with sizes ranging from sq ft. You can approach a good real estate lawyer and verify the certificates and their applicability on a given property. Opt for a project in an area which has good connectivity and where new industries are being set up.

While buying a studio apartment, the most important aspect to consider is location. Here infrastructure means making sure that the apartment you are thinking of buying is indeed your dream home and not a blast from the past. Alternatively, steph brighton dating in the dark you could sell the flat and use the sale proceeds to make a down payment for a second house.

This depends on your need. Besides the low price, another obvious advantage is that the registration charge and stamp duty for such houses is less. Though developers offer fully furnished studio apartments, they will not tell you the cost of each piece of furniture or electrical item. However, ensure that the maintenance charge, which you will have to pay, is not a fixed fee and is calculated on basis of the area of your house.

So, it makes more sense to choose and pay for your own fittings and furnishing. There may be cases where the apartment will look beautiful from inside but the real value which is the interior is missing. Check for improper furnishing, fading walls, bad carpeting ornon-existent furnishing. Encouraging realty trends, along with a multi-cultural population, great entertainment options, and exciting nightlife makes it one of the best Indian cities to live in!

Therefore, the key to making a good investment is proper calculation and thus it is important that you build a budget and stick to it. For such people, a studio apartment is a good option, particularly if they spend most of their time at work. Another option that can catalyse the investment activity is nailing down a property that has a resale value. Is it worth an investment? After all investment in an asset comes with long term benefits and plans for future.

Apart from this, it is advisable that you wrap up all your pending payments before the period mentioned in the Sale Deed and then get a sale agreement. Such apartments are best for singletons or couples.

Why Invest in Bangalore?