Is cm punk still dating beth phoenix

Is cm punk still dating beth phoenix

Punk recently retired from wrestling to try his hand at mixed martial arts. After the match, in storyline, Guerrero fired Phoenix for her poor performance. She also did not seem to have any animosity towards him. With her entry, she became the second woman in history to enter the Royal Rumble match, the first being Chyna. Later that night, Melina and Phoenix brawled in a backstage segment, ending their alliance.

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The two became best friends and often fought together on the independent circuits. Before branching out on her own, she worked primarily as a valet for guys like Jimmy Jacobs. She then went on to defeat McCool and Layla in a tag team match involving Tiffany.

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During the match, Melina unintentionally knocked Phoenix off of the ring apron, resulting in Phoenix abandoning Melina, which allowed James and Maria to pick up the win. At one point or another, he seemed to be romantically linked to just about every female wrestler. She was first introduced to the world of professional wrestling by her brother, Steve Corino, a veteran of the wrestling world who was working for Extreme Champion Wrestling at the time. Kelly has since married former Montreal Canadiens defenseman Sheldon Souray.

She quickly made a name for herself with her sexy wrestling persona, performing raunchy stripteases for the crowd. From there, she was introduced to fellow Canadian wrestler Ron Hutchinson, who helped to train her. She was also briefly married to Rich Ward, a bandmate of wrestler Chris Jericho.

After the match, LayCool beat down Phoenix and smeared make-up on her face and body while she was unconscious.

Is cm punk dating Beth Phoenix

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She started working with Punk at the beginning of her career. Punk also helped train Danger.