Is post dating checks illegally

Is post dating checks illegally

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That means the bank must wait to cash the payment until the date stated on the paper or until six months is up, whichever comes first. That is, he may be trying to squeeze more money out of you through a threat of criminal prosecution.

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And, seeing an attorney early may aid you in clearing up this matter before it blows up into something more complicated and expensive. He did not rely on any misrepresentation, but rather disregarded a truthful representation.

All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. But, in general, it is not a crime to post-date a check. You did not misrepresent anything, because you truthfully told the tech support contractor that funds were not immediately available but would be on the date that you post-dated the check. She says that many people who end up falling into predatory lending traps like payday loans have also used postdated checks to try to stave off debt collectors. Additionally, the only time a bank can be held liable for processing a postdated check before the indicated date is if that notice is still valid.

The Myths and Reality of Post Dated Checks

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He said okay and dashed off to his next appointment. You did not commit a crime and you probably did not violate the law. In the event that the check is dishonored and the customer is sued, the existence of the check makes it harder for the customer to argue that the debt was never owed.

As a result, you have not engaged in fraud. The fact that you are holding a check that will be presented to the bank for payment on a specific date places a burden on the debtor to have funds on deposit when the check is presented. Try again later Consumer Support. It was not clear from your question whether you promptly notified your bank of the post-dated check, but it seems that you did not because you do not mention it.