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Naalai verum kanavu Adhai yen nambanum Nam nattadhum roja Indrae pookanum. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

An unusual mixture of sounds with an understated male chorus, the flute interlude Naveen is sheer ecstasy. Muthukumar Yuvan Shankar Raja Na. Indian cinema, with its famous musical format, gives filmmakers great responsibility in bringing life to countless songs and their inherent emotions. Konjam aasai konjam kanavu Ivai illaamal vaazhkaya.

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Maanguyilae Duet Lyrics - Karakattakaran Lyrics. One day, a special festival is arranged and the priest thinks it is time to reveal the secret. Indian film music, stemmed out of these very same styles, is no different.

Yet again, green and blue form palette in this beautifully lit rain song. Tuned by Rahman and sung by Hariharan, windows 8.1 x86 iso the song appears in a rainy evening where a fully-drenched Meenakshi blurts out her romantic fantasies. Chandran blends green and blue in the most romantic way possible.

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She incurs the displeasure of people who do not like a dancer having a hold over the kingdom. How Amarendran and Shantha are united forms the rest of the story. It has Meenakshi enduring unfortunate deceit in love. He carries the anklet in a wooden box, and while crossing a river in floods, he loses the anklet. The duet version by Chitra and Yesudas is also quite memorable.

Free Download WordPress Themes. Realising Bala's true love for her, Meenu falls in love with him. The music was composed by S. Download WordPress Themes Free. Your email address will not be published.

Chandrasekhar, on his deathbed, tries to say something about the will which was written by him and kept in a box, a long time ago. Classicists often examined the connect between music and image. Aasai Athigam Lyrics - Marupadiyum Lyrics. Rumours of an affair spread which hurt Sowmya deeply. Thenpandi Cheemayile Lyrics - Nayagan Lyrics.

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The film, had musical score by S. Going forward, the Bharathiyar poem Suttum Vizhi springs in as if it were written just for Meenakshi.

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Nooru kanavugal kandalae Aaru kanavugal palikadhaa Kanavae kai seru vaa. Notify me of new posts by email. It is found by Amarendran, who also rescues a dancer Mallika Kumari Kamala from the floods. Fact, however, remains that Aishwarya Rai is the face that is synonymous to exotic Indian looks on this date. Kandukondain Kandukondain opens with army commando Major Bala Mammootty fighting in a war and losing his left leg in a grenade explosion.

Konjum Salangai was the th film for Savitri as an actress. Vairamuthu Konjum Mainakkale Song Lyrics. Not to be confused with Konjum Kumari.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. En perai solliyae Kuyilgal koovatum Enaketra maadhiri Paruvam maaratum. Ethereal, yet the playful, approachable girl-next-door. Also, to be mentioned is the way colours intersperse in each frame. Manohar's first movie project is in disarray and he is thrown out.

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Mallika impresses the king, is subsequently appointed the court dancer and gets the anklet as a gift. Catch Meenakshi on the tree swing wearing a blue saree.

Konjum Mainakkale Mp3 Song download from

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When he visits Sowmya's house in Chennai, he finds out that Sowmya is going to California. Nandhini falls for Manohar's charm although not with any serious intentions. The movie ends with Manohar marrying Sowmya and Bala marrying Meenakshi.

Picturesque castles, fine selection of colours and perfect lighting in each frame, Chandran lets the chemistry between his lead players take over in this music video-like title song. Sowmya and Manohar fall for each other but an issue crops up between the two and whether Manohar manages to win her back forms the rest of their part of the story. He hands over the anklet to the king. She dies after extracting a promise from him that the truth will be revealed at an appropriate time. Home Movies Music Directors List.