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He tries calling her again but gets voice mail. Graceless inquires about Angie. But just tell your daughter to take care of her husband, especially since Ale and Montse just got a divorce.

Carlotta tries to follow but Graceless stops her. So her husband didn't die asks Graceless. He takes the opportunity to ask what's troubling Refugio.

Pedro says not to do a thing. Angie points out that they loved each other and were planning on escaping. That he still cares for her.

Carlotta tries to follow but

Next day, Refugio has fallen asleep waiting for Esme's return. When Ale asks her what she means, he notices she has slit her wrists. Ale agrees and wants Montse to join him to buy his mother some things.

Graceless goes to leave knowing that Amelia is expecting a visor. Now no one is making my decisions but me. Graceless tells him to leave right away. Ale says in a bit, he has business with Dim. Maria knows once you bring Montse and your son, she will have to go.

He told me to tell you not to get anywhere near Montse. Rosario jumps at the chance to hold her grandson again.

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Amelia says she is trying to fix some clothes so they will fit. Tia Carlotta thinks she should just call the hospital and see how he's doing.

The only thing I feel for Montse is appreciation. Swear to me that you will not speak to anyone about the son I had with Benjamin. Ale offers her money but where she's going it will not be needed. Maria says she has no one else but him. Padre asks Maria what she's doing with the baby.

She warmly greets Rosario and Ale. If you tell me, I promise to understand. He also says he wants to take advantage so that he and Montse can get married again. He goes to her room and finds her gone.

Ale says as soon as he finds out, he will let him know. He asks if Dim is really the son of Benjamin. Angie tries to get him to lie down, but he rather sit for awhile.