Lucky Penny Catherine Anderson

He'd been thinking about proposing for weeks. How long had it been since he'd felt this relaxed? She decided he looked too disreputable to be a law officer, despite the fact that the sheriff in her own town was pretty sketchy himself.

She pinned shimmery blue eyes on his, giving David the uncomfortable feeling that she wanted him to kiss her again. It had slipped farther off her right shoulder, and the brown of her nipple was playing peekaboo with him every time the breeze shifted. Your poor mother must be embarrassed half to death.

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Lucky Penny

Nobody had done any gold mining to speak of in the immediate area of Denver for many years. Instead, Marcy May Jones, the newly hired upstairs girl, posed in the doorway.

Lucky Penny (Keegan-Paxton 5) by Catherine Anderson

He guessed he'd just wear a hat all the time when he got old. Kat Valentine Great review! It had taken him a while to adjust to the change, but now that he had, his job as marshal seemed so easy it was almost boring.

Of course, David himself was no prize Yeah, I gave this one star. He shuddered at the thought. See this thread for more information.

What I loved most in this story was the relationship between David and Daphne. Maybe it didn't get any better than this. They had two sons, Sidney D. In the early-morning breeze, his shoulder-length hair drifted across his face, making everything look limned in gold before he lazily pushed the strands back.

Catherine Anderson - Lucky Penny

David's headache suddenly eased. My errands won't take long.

Yes, he's handsome, sexy, generous, extremely patient, but above all that he's just a good, honorable man. No, ma'am, she wouldn't cotton to that at all. If you can live with it, I sure as hell can.

Catherine Anderson

Then for the incredibly ridiculous end. If a problem's developing, maybe I should get a handle on it. He'd lost his pa at a tender age and knew firsthand about hardships.

So much of it is repetitive that it could be compressed into just pages. Now he had reason to hope he never heard tell of it again. David had lost his yen for whiling away the morning, but as he started into the office to catch up on paperwork, someone shouted his name. You used to be a fine, upstanding marshal.

Lucky penny catherine anderson

The thing about the Coulters that you have to kno So. Mama says you are way to buzy trying to find gold and make us rich.

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The storyline for Lucky Penny was unique and very well done. Although this book definitely stands alone, after reading Keegan's Lady, Summer Breeze and Early Dawn it was a delight to return to this wonderful family in the latest release Lucky Penny. The romance lacked very much in Lucky Penny. By no means Catherine Anderson's best. Catherine and her stateside family will celebrate Christmas on the north island with Sidney, his wife Mary, and their two sons, spybot-s&d Liam and Jonas.

Catherine Anderson - Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny

Catherine Anderson takes us back to the old west with this one. Anderson is a wonderful story teller taking time and attention to develop both characters and story line. It was hard to believe he'd turn thirty-one in only a couple of months. Drunk or not when he makes a mistake, any man worth his salt takes responsibility for his actions.

Everybody had to carry an extra handkerchief to help mop her up. And just look at your face.