Add annotations and Polyline to MapView in Swift

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Always will need to be requested via Settings. Find the average latitude and longitude to get the center for the region. The key-value pairs need to be added to the Information Property List dictionary.

Do the same from the current location and segment control. Adding Authorization Types If you upload an app to the store which uses one authorization type but then later decide that you need another, you can add the second plist key.

We will also learn how to implement a delegate method and have the map move each time the user moves. Intelligently choose walking vs driving directions To do this, I needed to get the estimated time for walking directions.

You might choose to use a flexible spacer between the button on the left and the segment to force them to the left and right edges of the toolbar. Adding Always Authorization If you have WhenInUse but later need Always authorization, you will need to ask the user to go to the settings and change it manually. Open up the assistant editor which is found on the top toolbar over on the far right just second set of controls from the right. The reason we need to implement CoreLocation is so that we can use it to request authorisation for using the users location. Within the project navigator panel, load the Info.

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This takes the form of a pin or custom image, title and subview that may be used to mark specific locations on a map. It will also fail if you add one or both of the keys but forget to explicitly request authorization. Implementing MapView in the ViewController.

Baby devs are going to be even more frustrated by this change. Understanding Map Regions The area of the map that is currently displayed to the user is referred to as the region. Authorization, but unless the status is NotDetermined the call will do nothing. Add annotation to MapKit We need to iterate through the plist file and create annotation for each stations.

In order to configure the application so that the map automatically tracks the movements of the user, the first step is to make sure the application is notified when the location changes. If the app needs background functionality as a main requirement, only all Always. Your app will never even ask for permission to use location.

Add annotations and Polyline to MapView in Swift – Ravi Shankar