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Somebody just stole all our major appliances! If we ever tried to go over and introduce ourselves, the coroner's office would need a rake to collect all our body fragments. Before long some seemingly simple event that you thought you had understood completely has evolved into something completely different and usually far more bizarre. But it's not easy to explain why.

Having the Rock Bottom Remainders perform on behalf of music is like having Mike Tyson teach a course on dating etiquette. Black hired a private investigator. You should write about Colombia!

The concert also featured a surprise appearance by Bob Dylan, who, in one of the evening's highlights, dropped his pants and did the Bunny Hop in his underwear. So I told Nils Lofgren this, and he would not accept it. You think it's not that bad? Of course this does not happen to everybody.

Sometimes it seems as if crime is the only thing we all have in common. Band members started arriving in Cleveland on Wednesday, and that night some of us went to watch the Indians play the Blue Jays in Cleveland's beautiful new baseball stadium. People who've lived here for decades ask each other this.

The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, retransmitting, or repurposing of any copyright-protected material. Us instead of Tina Turner.

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Turns out that he got convicted for murder. Be thankful for the weirdness. Marrero was fired from the force, and in a normal place the story would end here.

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The businesman can't pay the contractors and the World's Largest Christmas Tree has filed for bankruptcy. It had to happen in South Florida. Is that wonderful, or what? Riechmann and Kischniok were to return to Germany Wednesday. The point is that this is a wondrous, classic South Florida story.

So let's sum up what we've got down here. Why should we have a good image of ourselves, when nobody else does? Riechmann has told police that he and Kischniok had left Bayside, then got lost. Yes, they must be vigilant, our political leaders. They looked dead, but they weren't.

Despite the musical subtlety of this and our other songs, Nils Lofgren seemed to have no trouble following along and playing killer solos. And the crowd went berserk when, as we concluded our rendition of the Royal Teens hit Short Shorts, four male band members dropped their pants and bunny-hopped off the stage in their underwear. Tell me how this case could get weirder.

Turns out, according to evidence presented in court, that the victim was a high-class call girl and poor old Dieter was her pimp. He is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good. That's what people were screaming on the talk-radio shows.

We lived next door to a family for six months without ever seeing them, until finally the woman dropped by to tell us their house had been broken into. But otherwise, as I say, it's great. There was a buffalo herd loose. Anything else we can get for you?

Everybody asks everybody this. You never know what's out there.

Mayor Daoud recently made the news again by obtaining several semi-automatic weapons from firms competing for a city contract. But they're not what makes me sometimes love South Florida.

We stopped sounding lame and sloppy, and we started sounding lame, sloppy and exhausted. Meanwhile, distinguished author Cleveland Amory is lying down sideways on the car seat, possibly wondering if this is, in fact, the kind of community where people purchase a lot of books. Surely you enjoyed watching Miami Beach Mayor Alex Daoud attempting to explain that there was nothing suspicious about his appearing before the Metro Commission in support of David Paul's dock. Even the nature here is weird.

Prominent Drug Developer somehow managed to install a nightclub in his basement. But we should have expected it, here in the swirling vortex of the DeSillers Effect. When you travel to other cities, and you tell people you're from Miami, looper latino dating they will frequently stick up their hands.