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Hezbollah Are Israel and Hezbollah headed for another war? Ideology History Flag Foreign relations Funding. International Business Times. An agreement was eventually reached whereby, Israel ended its attacks in Lebanon and Hezbollah agreed to stop attacks on northern Israel.

The agreement was described across the Arab world as a magnificent victory for Hezbollah, and Nasrallah was personally praised for achieving these gains. Nasrallah also came under intense criticism from some in Lebanon. Nasrallah's second-in-command Imad Mughniyah was assassinated in February in a Damascus bomb blast. Israel says it has destroyed tunnels crossing into its territory after claims of discovering five of them this month. Lebanon Israel tunnel excavations put Lebanese border on edge.

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Carnegie Middle East Center. In Israel carried out Operation Accountability.

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Strongmen, Sectarians, Resistance. Where do Lebanon's Christians stand on Hezbollah? Israeli army says it is destroying tunnels allegedly dug from Lebanon but that it will stay on its side of the border. The dollars from Iran are ferried to Beirut via Syria and distributed through networks of militants.

Armed strength Imam al-Mahdi Scouts. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Nasrallah joined Hezbollah after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Twelve people were arrested, it said. The Free Patriotic Movement in turn agreed to work for reform of the confessional electoral system of the Parliament of Lebanon and move it in the direction of one man, one vote.

Militant Islamism in Sub-Saharan Africa. But I'd like to challenge this heroism of his. Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Shabana Talibanization. Almalaf claimed that the sources believed it was highly likely that the poisoning was an Israeli assassination attempt.

After heavy Israeli casualties in south lebanon, some Israeli politicians argued that the conflict would only end if Israel withdrew from Lebanon. With Syria's war nearing an end, Israel turns its attention to tunnels allegedly dug by Hezbollah along Lebanese border. Deir ez-Zor missile strike Iran. This success against Israel greatly increased Hezbollah's popularity within Lebanon and the Islamic world.

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Nasrallah replaced as head of Hizbullah military wing. Popular Mobilization Forces. Much Lebanese infrastructure was destroyed during the operation, which Israel claimed was successful.

Interactive All you need to know about Lebanon's elections. Seven months after general election and amid economic crisis, leaders are still at odds on how to form the cabinet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He added that Hezbollah forces were inflicting heavy casualties on Israeli ground troops.

Jihadism Salafi jihadism Pan-Islamism. They said eight people were killed. Will Lebanon become Saudi's next Yemen? The New York Review of Books. Lebanon's Official National News Agency.

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Hezbollah denied that Nasrallah had been poisoned. Hezbollah accused Israel of responsibility for the explosion, although Israel denied responsibility for the act. Again, watch grease no Hezbollah agreed to stop rocket attacks in exchange for Israel halting its attacks. Insurgent attacks of the Iraq War.

Lebanon re-elects its political status quo by Lina Khatib. According to Almalaf officials considered flying Nasrallah to Iran for further treatment.

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In Ehud Barak finally withdrew Israeli forces from Lebanon. The Provincial Iraqi officials said many of the dead were innocent bystanders, and demanded compensation.

Islamism Jihadism Salafi jihadism Pan-Islamism. Israeli army says its troops have found six tunnels since an operation was launched in December. Falih Alfayyadh Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

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Nasrallah studied at the Shi'a seminary in the Beqaa Valley town of Baalbek. Christian party to join new government led by Saad Hariri, clearing way for agreement five months after elections. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Six months after general election, parties are still wrangling for ministerial posts to form a new government. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.