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Janaki goes on a college tour and stays at a hotel. They soon realise that the drunk guy became sober and drives away, leaving them stranded. Bharathi is severely affected by the fallout and loses his prominence and offers. The doctor gets extremely confused and believes that they are all separate people that just look alike.

Poovellam unvasam tamil movie ajith jyothika romantic scenes vidhyasagar. All flowers in your frangrance is a Indian Tamil family drama film written and directed by Ezhil and produced by V. Tamil-language films Indian films Indian drama films films s Tamil-language films Tamil films scored by Vidyasagar Films featuring an item number. Somewhere along the way, the duo falls in love, netfx20sp2 x86.exe throwing some soft glances at each other when the other is not looking. Krishna claims that they will wait and remain lovers until Kannan gives his consent.

They bond on their journey and Janaki tells Krishna that's she starving. After Kannan has a fight with the director of their movie, Bharathi who feels embarrassed decided to split from Kannan and compose the music for the film by himself. One house was built to feature antiques and the other with modern artifacts and computers.

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He promises Janaki that he will speak to him father about their marriage. The soundtrack was composed by Vidyasagar. Janaki impresses Bharathi and his wife while Krishna does the same at Kannan's house.

He does not seem to have any running feud with Chinna, is quite friendly with the duo, and does not seem to be particularly in love with Chella. Coincidentally it is the same place where Krishna Surya is staying. Janaki follows him and they admit their feeling for one another and get together.

She ends up catching a public bus home. The success of the film prompted Ezhil, Ajith Kumar and Jyothika to team up for a venture the following year with Raja.

Janaki pretends to be heavily pregnant by stuffing Krishna's jumper under her clothes and manages to stop another bus. When allowed to speak to the director, he convinces him to forgive Kannan. At the end four days, Janaki's tour is over and her bus leaves for her college but leaves her behind as she is late. It is Chella's turn to be indignant about Chinna's mistrust of her love, and after giving him a piece of her mind, she backs out, with Chinna pleading for acceptance. He stops the car and tells her to drive.

Krishna agrees and goes to see him mother. The two families are happy. As Krishna drives away he comes to a sudden halt as Kannan and his family have also arrived by car and blocked his path. Even though she is attracted to him slightly, she is annoyed and ends up getting of the bus and getting a lift from a drunk guy who can't control his car.

However she ignores him and even pretends to be deaf and mute when he invites her to spend time together. Plot Two music directors Bharathi Vijayakumar and Kannan Nassar used to be friends and composed music together.

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Kannan tells him that all fathers will object, but he didn't expect Krishna to do what he did. Krishna and Janaki tell Kannan and Bharathi respectively that they are in love and that their parents and their lover's parents are against it. While this is happening Bharathi has a fallout with a prominent music director Karan and Kannan is recruited to anger Bharathi. He falls in love with her and tries to woo her.

Seeing this, Krishna tells Janaki that they must separate before he comes with a new idea. Kannan's daughter Janaki Jyothika lives with her grandparents and mother in Bangalore while her father Kannan is still struggling with his friend Delhi Ganesh in Chennai.

He tells him that he better marry Janaki or else. He offers Kannan the chance to reconcile after this movie. Krishna now has to return to Chennai as his mother Ambika breaks her leg and is in hospital.

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The families arrive at a beach house and are shocked when they find out who Krishna and Janaki really are and that they have been fooled. Two music directors Bharathi Vijayakumar and Kannan Nassar used to be friends and composed music together. Chinna returns home and learns of the preparation for his engagement ceremony.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Feeling that since Chella loved Karna, it must be family pressure that must have forced her to agree. Krishna sees her gets on the bus and tries to impress her. Krishna tells him that they are not married and that they won't until he approves.

Poovellam Un Vaasam Movie Songs. Kadhal vanthathum - Poovellam Un Vaasam. Poovellam un vasam movie favorite scene.

They convince them to speak to the parents of their lovers. Sreekar Prasad Production company.

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Bharathi is very successful while Kannan, who is basically unknown, drinks away his sorrows. Chinna laps up all that Karna tells him about Chella loving him, and is heartbroken and goes out on a business trip.

On their journey they learn who the other's father is and are shocked. Problems arise when Krishna is kicked out of Kannan's house when he takes the blame after Kannan's father-in-law accidentally blabs to the media about Kannan's drinking.

Poovellam Un Vasam Tamil Mp3 Songs Download