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But then he said he was just fucking with me. Naturally, you see, the accident was his fault. All I did for months was code and sleep. Johns Wort pills and took them for a few weeks straight. However, Calvin came over and he had some and he wanted to smoke it.

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They paniced, gave me all the pills I wanted, and finally proceeded to book me. My brother was getting adderall, and he started giving them to me. My work-from-home rights were completely revoked. Seriously, worst firing attempt evar. Females used to take it seriously.

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The corners are pretty tight, so you have to take them at just the right angles. It just seemed like too much effort.

Violence is generally how most things in my life end. For now, I will sit back with an Adderall and a Percoset. As soon as I got home, I slumped over in the car and fell back asleep. Blow is a colloquial term for cocaine. Everything went well and fine until the day in question.

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Exercise and eating right? Tonight was definitely a thrash night.

The above post is from around the time Harper said she was taking cocaine in the bathrooms at her workplace. At around the time Harper said she was trying to smoke meth from lightbulbs with her boyfriend Curtis, she quit her job at Yahoo! This is mostly limited to new posts I've written for Medium or other publications, dziewczynka w zielonym sweterku online dating as well as important industry news that I may have talked about on Twitter. The two week unemployment period was no vacation. Mike came home that weekend and flipped his shit.

Although this is a bit unrelated and more personal, I'll also be posting about my Twitch streaming schedule updates, and I might give facebook game streaming a go. Eventually, I stopped eating. The feminist movement used to mean something.

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That insane burst of energy where I just want to throw myself against the wall, throw things at people, twirl, scream, dance, whatever. Further, as we explored in Parts One and Two of this series, the worst excesses of her abusive behaviour towards others continues unchecked into the present day. We both sat staring at it for a while, wondering how the hell to get the end off. Being a developer requires such a different mindset from being a sysadmin.

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Usually depression led to food for me, but this was different. In the s she was spending hundreds of dollars on Valium and other drugs. People used to take it seriously. He took one look at me, set me down in the dressing room, brought me water and tissues, and proceeded to find me the best suit ever.

Are you angry because I dissed your support team as well as gtalk? But nowhere has she addressed the yawning chasm between how she treats others and how she demands to be treated herself. Right now, by all accounts, I should be furious. Gaming is how I relax, but sometimes I've talked about abuse issues when people asked questions in Twitch chat.

Feminist Champion Randi Harper, in Her Own Words

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He suggested a lightbulb, so I went and got one. We have special student loans, we get better car insurance rates, and we even live longer on average. Then came another job, where I was working night shift and doing lines of blow in the bathroom to stay awake. Getting out of the sysadmin mindset is going to take a while. Just check out the Ladies of Liberty City video.

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