Ray j still dating joanna

Ray j still dating joanna

Ever since her failed rap duringThe above photoSecond episode made herself into a

That was good strategy, too. But it was for entertainment purposes. According to Mz Berry, Ray was aware that Cocktail would be on the reunion, but did not know the extent of what she would say.

Beating out the other ladies, she and Ray boarded a private jet and flew off to Dumpsville. However, Ray saw her as more of a friend and let her go in a surprising elimination. As for their current relationship status, she says she and Ray continue to talk but stops clear of saying the two are in a relationship. The whole gold-digger thing was honestly something I said to better my chances of getting on a show that I thought had a different purpose. Kardashian gained popularity, his dating show became the number one dating show on the network each season it appeared.

Second episode, made herself into a human banana split. Ever since her failed rap during the talent portion of the show, Ray began to distance himself from her so she left without letting him know how spoiled she thought he was. The reunion show was a big hit mainly because it brought the drama. She went back to doing photo shoots and a few years ago she and Natalie Nunn claimed that they were working on a new show project while dissing Kat Stacks. After the show, Fiesty went back to Miami and appeared in a music video for Pitbull.

The show got some very good ratings. We make a point to see each other at least twice a month. If I was really like that, I would come out in things that I say or my personality. She currently models and is trying to pursue an acting career, but very recently she had nude photos of herself leaked. She had an on again off again smear campaign against Ray, his sexuality and Hollywood, but they seemed to bury the hatched.

She has been extremely quiet since

Are Joanna Hernandez and Ray J still together

The above photo was reportedly taken last week. Choosing to go the classy route, she tried to win Ray over with her mind, rather than her body. Mz Berry followed him, and so did Cocktail, as the two continued their argument backstage. She has been extremely quiet since.

Choosing to go the classy route

When I entered the house, they told me I looked familiar. On the first episode she dropped to a split and bounced it for Ray. She relatively stays quiet now. Already established in the entertainment industry as a reporter, she had already met Ray by interviewing him. Even though she had gifts, she also did her best to prove that she had intelligence as well.

Mz Berry followed him and