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But, on the way we followed the coastline for quite a distance, which included the border crossing from Spain back into France. We moved along a few kilometers to Latte and small Italian town just over the border, managed to talk our way into a caravan park, that was full. However a change of favour had the Medicis transfer the commission to rival sculptor Baccio Bandinelli.

Casino, Lots of major plush hotels and a big city to boot. Today it serves as an exercise park for the locals.

It was a hill with a cluster of houses. We soon found that Florence is a city queues.

We moved along a few

The village at the base of the Abbey, inside the walls has been converted to supplying the needs of the tourists with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and even a couple of hotels for accommodation. We moved down to Piombino, where we caught a ferry to The Isle of Elba. Marble statues are a constant feature as you walk through the gardens. The image one gets from the television of that event, is that it is a small Spanish village with narrow streets.

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However a change of favour

One particularly attractive Spanish Village was Luzaide, were we paused for a stretch and took some snaps. What with Pisa one day, Elba the next and then Siena, the legs are getting a workout.

But on the way