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Confusion prevails among vehicle owners, even three months after the transport department and traffic police launched a crackdown on sun films in cars. They also want to keep themself safe. Thieves may be able to lay their cursed eyes on valuables in the car. The seller Instantly sent me a new set. For any Auto-related stuff, Make sure you visit- He's very co-operative guy.

Police stopped me at kolhapur bypass

Praveen If a vehicle is spotted with sunflim of above the mentioned levels. In case you plan on moving to any other state apart from Goa, you are required to pay road tax in that state, which is not native to your vehicle registration. Indian Govt is quick to pull the trigger on hasty and even stupid Laws. They said all characters and no should come in a single line. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

This results in more pollution and in more global warming. Got a Mobile charger free. When I said I am from automobile industry and I know the rules of tint or license plate font they said I can go. When I argued with his higher authority they released me without charging thing.

When things go wrong, They will simply put your issue to the bin with a simple, robotic email, and forget about it. Nowadays ac does not work properly. Sun film or external application on the glass is not permitted. Otherwise, this Summer, we will begin to see deaths because of heat instead of criminals.

One such complainant said that the cop told him that he was given a daily target by his superiors to crack down on odd vehicles having sun films. The top cop of traffic police department confirmed that the tinted glasses fitted in cars manufactured and imported from foreign countries are exempted from the Supreme Court ban. Prithvi With global warming, the temperatures are rising. Arjun Valluri, Director, Stay-Kool, claims that a car owner can drive into an authorised dealer, get the application done and drive out in two hours. This case has just explained the law.

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So I paid about half the price of Product as shipping and sent them back to Delhi. If we argued with them legally they cant do anything. But this time around, we have a good news for all the car drivers that will help protect them against these harmful rays from reaching inside the car.

Police stopped me at kolhapur bypass and said my no plate is fancy and I have tint for my car. There's a net fixed around metal Wire with some Square magnets around corners. Is of Kerala registration and am using the same in Goa. Meanwhile, owners of high-end vehicles are complaining that cops have fined them. When you hold the Product at the window frame, The Magnet simply sticks to the door.

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Perhaps on the women and their belongings. Then fret not about paying fine for the tinted glass, even if the traffic cop asks you to. But I will suggest safety is important for us. The law on sun film is passed by the parliament.

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When the sun shades came in, They came in Torn. Mine is in bigger font compare to other. Actually I suffered that personally, The right hand burns during direct sun light. After Ebay put their Hands up, I sent a note to the seller and he Immediately agreed to help.

But what actually happened now that Bikers, Truck-wallas and Rikshaw-wallas got a direct view inside. It does not lead to any crime. Which my Dr advice to keep Ac off because both sun rays one side and Ac other side effects my sinusitis immediately.