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Talk of a new kitchen led us on to Thirsk to admire the wooden craftsmanship of Treske Furniture. In fact, we walked several routes, several times, in various directions. Nearby, there is an area of overgrown oak coppice which has not yet been dated. It has been cooler and windy, with occasional showers. As did a Badger which I surprised late one evening as I drove home.

Their timing is, as ever, immaculate and the blooming heather on the North York Moors is at Purple Max this week. Their study uncovered much new information about the cultural history of the woodlands.

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In fact, if this is how our country is run and I suspect it is then we should all we very, very worried. Into Helmsley for a potter around the village before returning in thick mist over the top again via Blakey Rigg to Castleton. And then the Nuthatch arrived to feast on the peanut hanger.

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It's not often that you can watch a major container ship with bows up and out of the water one minute and then the stern and then the bows again. Meetings most of tomorrow. This is the most walking that Flag has had since earlier this year when he was unable to get to his feet unaided, but this wonder drug has certainly helped to rebuild his joints.

Domoney on board as Askham Bryan bucks course trend

Well done Ministry of Agriculture. The range of autumnal colours within this one small wood is really very striking, from a few trees still in full green leaves, through all shades of yellow to brown to crimson red to bare branches.

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Rolands petersons minicredit One of the solutions can be the improvement of cooperation between existing infrastructure organizations in Europe. Us Bank Vols sorted our way through the neatly stacked lop and top, gleaning a few more useful bits of firewood and potential walking sticks.

Overgrown oak coppice, once enclosed, near Glasahoile South Katrine. It's calm, dry and sunny again, but with a good hard frost overnight. Production has fallen a bit as I have been waiting for the long promised new chimney to be installed in the Stickery before I spend too much smoky time in there.

Rolands petersons minicredit This is especially important for the corridors of rail freight. So we want to make sure that we know where every special tree in the National Park is located and what condition it is in.

Today is not much better, with a strong onshore wind bringing a cool sea mist over Whitby and all its Folk Week performers and crowds. My neighbour's rare breed Teeswater Sheep are in the field next to the wood. The Silver Birch on the moortop are now bare of all leaves but the Rowan are still colourful and lower down the hillside there is still a full range of autumn colours. Yesterday we finished early to prepare for the switching on of the Christmas Lights at Whitby's Dock End. Rolands petersons minicredit Increase of the average commercial speed of freight trains.

As we recovered, a Frog hopped across the patio and leapt up at the dry stone wall surrounding the pond. Now that the cord frame is empty again, we started to build it up again using the newly coppiced Sycamore. Then we stripped the smaller branches to separate them into useful cordwood, handrails or brash.

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By late morning the wind had dropped a bit and the rain had gone. We also have many heritage trees associated with particular events, people and folklore or are exceptional because of their size, shape, species or location.

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