Kim Jong Kook Surprises His Mother By Revealing His Past Dating History And Style

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This left Kim Jong Kook looking for a new partner. Just two months later he auditioned for Turbo among other hopefuls. This status was short lived however, as Turbo broke up just months later. Also of interest, singer Choi Chang Min served as a back dancer for Turbo from before launching his own solo career.

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Pair an extremely talented singer with an experienced choreographer to rap alongside him, in order to keep up with the then-current music trends. The biggest names in Hallyu were there to represent Korea, as was Turbo. Kim Jong Kook was leaving the label altogether to begin a solo career with I Star Media who had made the singer a better offer, and the Star Music publicly supported Kim Jong Kook's decision. He earned the spot as Turbo's new rapper. Criticized by the nation, Turbo was banned from performing in Korea.

Currently, he is a cast member in the variety show, Running Man. But Kim Jong Kook was reportedly bitter towards his agency prior to the event and his attitude could not be masked.

By the end of their second album promotion, Turbo was firmly entrenched as a premier dance group. Kim Jong Kook later pursued his solo career. But once again Turbo faced breakup. The untimely death of Deux member Kim Sung Jae just one month after Turbo's debut, made Turbo the heir apparent to become the kings of the Korean dance scene.

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Kim Jong Kook Surprises His Mother By Revealing His Past Dating History And Style

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They hoped that although Kim Jong Kook was leaving and Turbo would no longer be a team, the music would forever remain in their hearts of their fans. Kim Jung Nam, unable to reconcile his differences with the management, left the group. Citing problems with their management, Turbo went into seclusion.

Their hiding was so effective that police were brought in to investigate their whereabouts. Some bumps in the road But just as things were looking good, Turbo caused more trouble for themselves.

The formula for success for Turbo was so simple, yet ingenious. It was then that Star Music issued an official statement announcing Turbo's disbandment. It was soon proved to be false, but it kept our hearts pounding for a while. As tragic and devastating as the news was, Turbo was now free to dominate Korea's dance music scene.

Mikey shined both in his rapping skills and also his ability to speak English, gaining him the spot. Despite these minor details, they promoted their album until May of the same year. Also to celebrate the millennium Turbo included a special ticket in of their albums, with the winners guaranteed a copy of Turbo's new albums henceforth.