Updating gem

Updating gem

But show me a squashed mouse inside a spring-loaded trap and I will fall to pieces. Rocking chairs automatically adjust their center of balance to whoever sits in them, bringing each sitter to a uniquely comfortable position. He was trying to encourage people in Kansas to kill flies whenever possible to stop the spread of disease. The speed you type with on your close-set keys would be gone, and most of your fingers would be too weak to give the keys the sharp strike they required. They are an American invention, though probably not invented by Ben Franklin, as some people say.

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It was a public health worker, Dr. Because people never outgrow the thrill of smacking things with a stick.

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The Mouse Trap I am a woman made of stern stuff. Good luck with that, Cowboy. So, like many good innovators, they turned their bust into brilliance by simply changing their goal. Rocking Chairs Rocking chairs are not as old as you may think.

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All images courtesy of iStock unless otherwise noted. Women have been getting scratched up while trying to find a private place to pee on road trips ever since. You could heat, brew, keep warm and drink the tea with the same object.

They were made of clay and likely evolved as a kind of drinking multi-tool. Constant improvement is what we do.