Updating kitchen ideas

Updating kitchen ideas

Match the finish to your cabinet pulls and light fixture for a streamlined, modern and cohesive look. They just have to match and have a clean, cohesive look. Look at the kitchen above, for example.

Move for Hunger, a nonprofit organization, picks up all of your pantry goods and donates them to food banks. Refresh Appliances to Add Value and Appeal to More Buyers According to Lisa Drapkin, switching out appliances is a great way to get a return on your investment and sell for over asking.

Victoria gave her dated turquoise kitchen a coat of white paint. Granite is affordable and looks clean and modern. Upgrading the lighting can require an electrician to install new pendants, but the cash is worth it to make those subway tiles shine.

As Lisa Drapkin points out, white cabinets are what buyers expect to see in an upscale, modern kitchen. The red paint makes that kitchen look dated and dark despite the natural light coming in.

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Dirty tile with gray grout makes buyers see your property as an old fixer-upper that needs work. Make the Space Bright with New Light Fixtures and Bulbs Dim yellow light will illuminate the grease stains on the wall behind your stove.

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The wall color is too dark, but otherwise the cabinets are a fresh white, the detail on the kitchen island is intricate and unique. An updated faucet for the sink is a must. Polish up the cabinets and really make them shine with Howard Feed-In-Wax Tighten all hinges Your cabinets should be in top shape after this thorough polish and clean. Sink Wipe down the sink and make sure the hardware shines. Benjamin Moore makes a primer and several levels of gloss for cabinet re-vamps.

Victoria gave herUpgrading the lighting can requireMake the Space Bright

After a thorough scrub you can see the main problem areas. Buyers hunt for stainless steel because it looks modern and updated. McCaslin says you should limit any items on the counter to four or five. The warm white of the updated space is clean and bright. Stove Take off the stove top grates and clean in between, making sure to clear any burnt on stains or grease splatter.

Granite is affordable and looks clean

Light makes a room inviting, highlights details, brings warmth and creates a good energy that makes a space feel like home. Create focal points with your jars, cutting boards, or cookbooks that draw the eyes away from any outdated appliances. If you do have the cash, consider this option.

Thick, velvet curtains that hang in front of the window above your sink will darken the room and depress the mood. The major scrub fixes the issues you were worried about. The wood or formica of the past can be sanded and painted white for clean cabinets that create a neutral backdrop and contribute to the light of the space. Install circle knobs to keep cabinets functional and pristine.

Use hot water and Murphy Oil Soap to scrub down every nook and cranny. Match the metal to your pendant lights and faucet for a cohesive, well thought out look. No further renovations required. Especially in a slow market, an updated refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove could make a big difference.