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Woo bin jong suk dating divas, lee Jong Suk talks about his competition with Kim Woo Bin

Plastic surgery was originally mainly populated by women. The skin is left untouched so that the skin can shrink down to match the new shape of the nose. He also made his big-screen debut in the horror movie Ghost. Thus making it appear that he has had a nose job.

Pinocchio Actor, Lee Jong Suk Plastic surgery - Plastic Surgery Hits

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An interesting point is raised here. In fact, it is the South Asian country with the most plastic surgery procedures carried out per capita, per year. Our Conclusion This one is a bit of a tough one. It was actually done very well.

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This is where the top eyelid is given a natural crease which is more similar to that of Western people. Even though the speculation was still unproven. However, there has been a growth in demand for operations where patients are given bigger eyes and more defined noses. The nose will take a while to heal, so the patient will need to go through a lot of aftercare to make sure that it heals properly. Plastic surgery is a big thing in South Korea.

We also know that he wants to do more international work. In the before picture, Kim Woo Bin looked having bigger nose. When it comes to their idols, most fans do not take kindly to people creating rumours that they have had plastic surgery.

So if one of them had the procedure done, then it would not be that surprising if the other saw the result and decided to copy it. Since then, he has walked in a number of fashion shows. However, in recent years plastic surgeons have seen a surge in men coming to them to have procedures carried out. However, his nose does look good, so we should definitely send our congratulations to Lee Jong Suk and his plastic surgeon as he did a great job.

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There is pressure on men to conform to the way that women see them. There is clearly a lot of talent in South Korea and there are only a finite amount of television and film roles.

Lee Jong Suk And Kim Woo Bin Reunite In New Instagram Post

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His chances may be improved by his looking more Caucasian, this would mean slimming down the bridge of his nose to make it look less Korean and more Western. European and American audiences are more used to seeing noses that are slimmer along the bridge and pointier at the end.

Another thing to think about is the fact that he may be using the clever make up trick of contouring. The bridge of his nose is wider in the first picture.

However, he quit after the agency broke their promise of debuting him as an actor. In the photos Kim Woo Bin looks to be in his late teens and his nose would appear to be a different shape to what he has now. The nose looked better now. Considering plastic surgery is so popular in South Korea is does not come as a surprise that other well-known celebrities have had work done.

In South Korea it is common practice for people to include a photo with their resume, meaning that they are expecting their potential boss to not only judge their work history but also their looks. They may also be made along the natural creases of the nostrils. He has refused to answer the question about whether he has had his nose done, leading to some people speculating that he has.

The reason that South Korea is so popular as a destination to have plastic surgery is because it is one of the cheapest places in Asia to have it done. What do you think of this? His nose did not seem to be having an impact on his career so why would he go through the pain? What happens during a nose job will differ from patient to patient?

Lee Jong Suk recently become hot topic. Cosmetic surgery procedures for men have grown so popular in recent years that many male-only clinics now exist in Seoul. Looking at the supposedly before photos of Kim Woo Bin, you can be forgiven for asking why would he have plastic surgery in the first place? It proved that most male Korean celebrities had gone under nose job.

As a male actor in the public eye who is also a model, Kim Woo Bin might feel under pressure to look a certain way, therefore he uses make up to achieve that look. This also applies if the surgeon needs to alter the bone structure.

It would certainly seem more likely that he would get plastic surgery if the two are rivals, as there would be a certain level of competition there to look better than the other guy. He has been given more international work and may want to appeal to an international market which is more attracted to the Caucasian look. He was born in Korea in July, and is an actor, singer and model. This could be the effect of the nose job.

The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic. If he has had his nose done, then whoever the surgeon was, they did a really good job as it looks really natural and fits with the rest of his face. All operations on noses occur under the skin.

So we need to look at the evidence to decide whether we think Lee Jong Suk has had work done on his nose. As this is the culture that Lee Jong Suk belongs to, it would make sense that his looks would be important to him, piltdown man radio carbon dating services especially as he is an actor and a model. Our Conclusion There are many reasons why Lee Jong Suk might have chosen to have plastic surgery on his nose. Lee Jong Suk would feel a lot of pressure to keep up with his peers and keep himself in the running for the roles.

Lee Jong Suk talks about his competition with Kim Woo Bin

They prefer to believe that their favourite celebrity is all natural. When other actors are getting plastic surgery, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to join them. Can it really be that much of a coincidence that they are both rumoured to have had the same nose procedure done?